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Arwen deck idea - elven tri-sphere

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The new Arwen hero has so far mostly been discussed in the context of a twins deck or with Erestor. I think she's also great for any tri-sphere deck due to the inherent ability to smooth resources. When you combine Arwen with Elrond, you get the ability to play (non Lore) 3 cost allies turn 1, and 2 cost cards of other types. Here's a version I came up with running Legolas for attack:








Allies (20)


Galadrim Minstrel (3)

Wandering Ent (3)

Warden of Healing (3)

Galadhorn Archer (3)

Galadriel's Handmaiden (3)

Galadrim Weaver (3)

Lindir (2)


Attachments (17)


Rivendell blade (3)

Dagger of Westernesse (2)

Elven Cloak (2)

Burning Brand (2)

Light of Valinor (3)

Ancient Mathom (3)

Elven Mail (2)


Events (15)


Feint (3)

Foehammer (3)

Test of Will (3)

Elrond's Council (3)

Elvish Light (3)


The setup is relatively simple, Arwen quests, Elrond quests and defends, and Legolas attacks. Allies are mostly for questing with a little bit of chump blocking and attack support.

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