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Medium Starter Quest 2 - Night of the Goblins

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The tutorial is pretty basic and easy though. So whilst you may want to start with the first full quest - but what if you want to try out the game at an easier level than the first proper quest or to introduce someone else to the game without overwhelming them. Here is my second development of a two hero starter quest which largely mimics the Learn to Play tutorial set up (page 3) following on from The Spider Queen quest and has a Goblin theme.

Set Up
- Use 3 Locations (below). Travel to the next location in the list when the current one is completed.
1. Winding Tunnels
2. Crumbling Bridge
3. Lost Dwarven Forge
- Lay out the counters, conditions, dungeon cards (same ones as the tutorial), add a deck of gear cards (a few basic ones to start with and no legendary cards).
- Monsters you shuffle the two cards for all the level 1 monsters (top left indicator but not the elite ones - although you can add these for a harder quest experience). Also include the level 2 Orc Boys (but not the elite one) and add the elite Goblin Warrior. Finally take the Elite Night Goblin Archer and set it aside with the Lost Dwarven Forge Location as your Goblin boss.
- Turn over the Winding Tunnels as the first location and apply the monster spawn (i.e one monster to each hero and one in the shadows face down). 

- Heroes use the hero card with the lowest health score (bottom right corner) and take one activation turn only per round in this starter quest (same the tutorial rather than the advanced rules).

- Follow the usual advanced rules but you have no quest sheet to track (this is a quick mission), when you complete the Winding Tunnels you can travel to the Crumbling Bridge. When that is completed then travel to the Lost Dwarven Forge.
- Spawn monsters as indicated on the location cards from your monster deck. When the Lost Dwarven Forge is travelled to, you must also add the Elite Night Goblin Archer to the shadows face down (it is more thematic to shuffle it with the other face down shadow card so you don't know which it is).

Goblins Rule
- Whenever you kill a Goblin Warrior, do not discard it but keep it to one side. While the Elite Night Goblin Archer boss is in play, if a Nemesis dice is rolled, then shuffle and add a Goblin Warrior to the shadows face down (unless all are already in play).

- Whenever you kill a Night Goblin Archer shuffle them back into the monster deck (so they can potentially return - there are so many pesky goblins to kill !). 

Complete the short quest with 2 heroes and defeat the Night Goblin boss. You must still fully explore and reclaim the Lost Dwarven Forge back from the Goblins.

Note - This still needs a bit more testing so there may be some tweaks (i may well add another location to make it a step up from the Spider Queen quest if it isnt too hard).

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