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The Hero Championship 2015

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AZ: Galadriel v Sam Gamgee - Tough one, but I've been having more fun with Sam in my Dunedain deck lately than I have with Galadriel in my Noldor deck.
BA: Frodo Baggins v Éomer - I built an Eomer deck once. It was really fun. Since then, I've used Frodo again and again, so I guess I'll go with the trusty standby over the one-hit wonder.
BB: Aragorn (Lo) v Legolas It always surprises me how much I still love many of the core set heroes.
BC: Beregond v Haldir of LorienAnother tough call... I have had a lot of fun with both of these heroes, but in the end I'll go with the tricksier of the two because that's what appeals to me.
BD: Elrond v Merry (S)I didn't use Elrond much until recently, and mostly that's been to try to get use out of Corefindel. I've had better success with Spirit Merry enabling some multiplayer secrecy shenanigans, however, and secrecy is just so darn fun.
BE: Gandalf v Boromir (T) - I am still not sure I have ever built a Tactics Boromir deck. Gandalf isn't my favourite either, but I do consider him from time to time when I build decks.
BF: Éowyn v Aragorn (T) - I really like Rohan. I still have the dream of playing through the Saga again and using Eowyn + Herugrim as my main attacker.
BG: Arwen Undomiel v Théoden (S)I really like the new Arwen hero, but Spirit Theoden brought Rohan decks on the map in a big way. It wouldn't feel right to vote against him for a hero I still haven't tried yet.

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Spirit Glorfindel ist OUT!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! We did it!!!!!


AZ: Galadriel (As much as I appriciate Sam knocking out Glorfindel, Galadriel is just to good. Sorry Sam :( )
BA: Éomer (Frodo is good in sooking up big attacks, but you know you could also chumpblock and whipe out your enemys with Eomer! Easy choice here)
BB: Legolas (Who cares about threat if you can shoot your way to victory with Legolas!)
BC: Beregond (You need Defense? Get Beregond! You need a silvan hero to kill enemys and get your tactic weapons going? Get Legolas, not Haldir!)
BD: Elrond (I still don't get it why people love this hero so much. Galadriel does so much more then Merry!)
BE: Boromir (T) (See, we all know that Gandalf hero is OP especially with all his toys. BUT we also know that they should never have made a hero version of Gandalf. So please, get over him)
BF: Aragorn (T) (The only reason I vote for Aragorn here is because I WANT the Arwen vs. Aragorn matchup in the next round!)
BG: Arwen Undomiel (Arwen is just amaizing. I hope she makes it really far and I would love to see THE matchups of all matchups against here love in the next round)


To everyone! You know that BF: Aragorn and BG: Arwen is THE ONLY choice here :) Don't ruin this fantastic matchup for next round!

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And suddenly my decisions are easy again, because so many of (in my opinion) the 'wrong' heroes won in the last round...


AZ: Galadriel - She just lets you do so much.
BA: Frodo Baggins - Should've been Beorn, but as it is I'll take the guy who can defend literally anything.
BB: Aragorn (Lo) - Threat reset is so good. If Grima made it through this would've been a much more difficult decision.
BC: Beregond - Should've been Mablung, but I guess I'll take the ever-reliable wall that is Beregond.
BD: Elrond - Still amazing, as much as I've been loving Spirit Merry in some decks.
BE: Gandalf - Should've been Erestor, but with him gone, I'll take the tricksy Gandalf plays over the ease of endless readying.
BF: Aragorn (T) - A game a couple of days ago reminded me why I do like Tactagorn, while Eowyn can still feel overused.
BG: Arwen Undomiel - Can't believe Theoden beat Faramir, but it leaves me another easy choice. Flexibility > Trait-specific, and I've never been hugely into Rohan anyway.

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AZ: Galadriel v Sam Gamgee - Sam is just more fun to play in my opinion. Readying, stat boosting, questing, defending... He is trying to help everywhere.​
BA: Frodo Baggins v Éomer - ​No Rohan fan. But a Frodo Loragorn deck was one of the first I really fell in love with, so Frodo it is of course.
BB: Aragorn (Lo) v Legolas - While Legolas is a really good fighter, I don't use him that often anymore and Loragorn makes it quite often into my decks.
BC: Beregond v Haldir of Lorien - Beregond is a wall. He decides who can get in and out. Haldir can't.
BD: Elrond v Merry (S) - This is 1 of the only 2 close matchups for me this round, but since I own Gandalf Elrond has become one of my favorite heros. Spirit Merry is good too, but not good enough to beat a member of the White Council.
BE: Gandalf v Boromir (T) - As much as I like Boromir, Gandalf's tricks are to much fun to not vote for him
BF: Éowyn v Aragorn (T)The other, even closer, hard matchup. Éowyn does work since the core set, but Aragorn's engage marathon is quite entertaining. In the end Éowyn has to many alternatives to make the cut and Aragorn vs Arwen would be a funny duell next round :D 
BG: Arwen Undomiel v Théoden (S)​ - I don't really like Rohan Decks in general (execpt a Dunhere attack staging area deck) or any of the 2 Théodens. And Arwen seems like a pretty good hero. 

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Glad to see the Hero Championship up and running this year. Alas, for the second year in a row I haven't discovered it until the later rounds. As Eomer once said: "Need brooks no delay, but late is better than never!" On to my picks:

AZ: Galadriel - sorry Sam fans, but Galadriel can just do more overall than Mr. Gamgee, especially when she has Nenya and her mirror.

BA: Eomer - gotta vote for the guy you quote. In all seriousness, though, I use Eomer more than Frodo, and his ability is less perilous than Frodo's.

BB: Aragorn (Lo) - his threat reduction is just so good that I can't pass it up. Plus, he benefits from all things Dunedain, like Wingfoot.

BC: Beregond - good ol` Beregond always comes through. With all his toys, he simply becomes unstoppable . . . until the Mûmak barges in.

BD: Elrond - my vote from last year holds true. Elrond is most definitely more versatile in the many things that he can do, whilst Sperry is pretty much only good for questing.

BE: Gandalf - Istari. Enough said.

BF: Aragorn (T) - if this thing ends with Aragorn (Lo) versus Aragorn (T), I'm going to laugh.

BG: Théoden - I've yet to see Arwen.

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I hate Galadriel, but I hate Hobbits more.

Aw, what do you have against Hobbits?  They're the lovable underdogs!



Every time someone plays them, the entire game is focused around "how can we protect your hobbits from dying" while also providing very little in the way of doing anything.  Frodo is really the only one I find acceptable.  Sam is okay stats wise, but I don't really like him.

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AZ: Galadriel -  I hate Galadriel, but I hate hobbits more.

BA: Eomer - Looking forward to using Eomer in Rohan deck soon.  While Frodo can be useful, he is a hobbit, so Eomer gets my vote here in an otherwise close match up.

BB: Legolas

BC: Beregond

BD: Elrond

BE: Boromir (T)

BF: Eowyn

BG: Theoden (S) - Only reason I'm choosing Theoden over Arwen is because I haven't yet been able to use Arwen and Theoden is quite strong.

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AZ: Sam Gamgee: Tough call.  I'll take Sam because he becomes a super hero in every campaign I play.
BA: Éomer: I guess I should use Frodo more often, given all the love he's getting in this contest, but I play campaign mode often enough that I don't put him in my decks.  Eomer is a thematic and game play win, so I'll vote for him.
BB: Aragorn (Lo): My reasoning, as it has been every round, is that Legolas has an ally version that's better (though Aragorn has another hero version that is arguably better).  Loragorn makes lots of fun shenanigans possible.
BC: Beregond: another tough call.  Haldir is excellent, but I'll take the super defender.
BD: Merry (S): He really makes hobbit secrecy possible.  The black riders hobbit deck is excellent, but Merry's repeatable threat lowering really allows you to play like hobbits should feel.
BE: Gandalf: Tough call, and both are overpowered.  I like Gandalf shenanigans over Boromir shenanigans.
BF: Aragorn (T): Really powerful, really fun.
BG: Théoden (S): Make Rohan great again!

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AZ: Sam Gamgee. You can build around his ability as a key element of your deck, or he can be 3 WP for low threat. Galadriel is a glorified attachment.

BA: Frodo Baggins. Never disappointing.

BB: Aragorn (Lo). Legolas is nice, but Aragorn's ability is so powerful.

BC: Beregond. I like characters with a 4 attribute.

BD: Elrond. Haven't played with Spirit Merry enough, doubt he'll match Elrond.

BE: Gandalf. These are both powerful heroes but Gandalf is more unusual.

BF: Éowyn. I like characters with a 4 attribute.

BG: Arwen Undomiel. Better art.

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This isn't going to be anywhere near as tough as the last one..



AZ: Galadriel v Sam Gamgee: Galadriel is fun, a lot of fun. Both very good heroes though, the closest matchup this round for me.
BA: Frodo Baggins v Éomer: I like Eomer, but he never really worked for me. No ranged and having access only to Firefoot as +2 ATK cripples him. If we see something for him in the future he might make a big comeback though.

BB: Aragorn (Lo) v Legolas: Loragorn threat shenanigans sometimes feel broken to me, but he's more entertaining to play and cannot be substituted for in decks, while the same is not true for Legolas.
BC: Beregond v Haldir of Lorien: I could maybe fathom voting Mablung last time, but this time is not close at all. If you're playing a scenario with no punishing shadows, sure Beregond is nice. But if you do - most now have awful shadow effects - Beregond is not gonna help you much. Enemy attacks again. Enemy gains +X attack. Discard defending character (Hello Sudden Pitfall!). Deal damage to defending character. Hmm. Haldir on the other hand is the paradigm of safety: not only he kills the enemy, he prevents it from attacking! So no shadows, no need to declare a defender etc. etc. Haldir also solves a lot of situations in which you have a tough enemy you cannot take out of the staging area without some serious pain! Of course Haldir has his limitations (otherwise he would be too powerful), the biggest one perhpas being the need for at least a weapon (Bow/Blade), kinda forcing you to play Tactics. But he when he is geared up (and that's far from difficult to achieve), he owns. Plus the amazing flavor of course. Vote Haldir! Vote the Protector of Lorien!
BE: Gandalf v Boromir (T). I feel like Gandalf doesn't break a whole game mechanic; rather, he bends the rules a little bit..
BF: Éowyn v Aragorn (T). Aragorn (T) is a beast, Eowyn is boring. Both are kind of boring TBH, as Tactagorn very often makes games boring (he almost never get played in my group, especially not with Merry (T), just because he's too good). However of the two I enjoy more curshing a horde of enemies, rather than questing for 4 each and every round.
BG: Arwen Undomiel v Théoden (S). She is awesome. She is awesomeness made real.

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AZ: Galadriel v Sam Gamgee: Galadriel is only looking better with her granddaughter in play. A free card which can also turn into a resource? Sam's great, but I make more decks with her.

BA: Frodo Baggins v Éomer: A great ability in a pinch. Useful for when you suddenly have to take an undefended attack due to shadow cards.

BB: Aragorn (Lo) v Legolas: Such a boon for Tactics. Location control which would otherwise destroy a Tactics deck, making them semi-soloable.

BC: Beregond v Haldir of Lorien: I love both, but the ability to remove threats not engaged with you wins out over having to defend and have an attacker.

BD: Elrond v Merry (S): Not a huge fan of the Elrond type deck. Secrecy Hobbits though...

BE: Gandalf v Boromir (T): Boromir is OP. Especially with all the threat reduction there is now. Gandalf is fun, but the ally version is such a staple. 

BF: Éowyn v Aragorn (T): Tough call, but Aragorn's ability is slightly more useful. It really shines in a multiplayer game, if you're all attack.

BG: Arwen Undomiel v Théoden (S): Poor Théoden. Beaten by someone not even available. But Arwen looks great. Can't wait for a Galadriel, Caldara, Arwen deck. Then swordthain ally Glorfindel.

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AZ: Sam Gamgee - This is an excellent match up, between two of the best heroes (and two I use quite often). Have to give the nod to Sam, though.
BA: Frodo Baggins - I love using Frodo as a defender, and he forms an integral part of my Sam/Galadriel/Frodo deck... so at least two parts can continue on.
BB: Aragorn (Lo) - Legolas is excelleng, but replaceable - Lore Aragorn is always amazing.
BC: Haldir - This should have been Mablung. But Haldir is at least quite fun to play.
BD: Elrond - Even without his ring, Elrond is an excellent and powerful hero, enabling many decks.
BE: Boromir (T) - Why is there a Gandalf hero? Anyway, Boromir is incredibally fun to play.

BF: Aragorn (T) - Eowyn is still good, but one dimensional (though using her as an attacker is now quite enticing).
BG: Arwen Undomiel - Theoden does enable Rohan, but... thats all. I can see Arwen being slotted into a wide variety of decks.

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I feel that Sam has had potentially the most difficult path thus far - Spirit Glorfindel and then Galadriel? All the more impressive if he can vanquish both Noldor.


Then again, there is a reason he was the longest serving mayor in shire history.

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I just noticed I missed the BD matchup!


BD: Elrond v Merry (S) : I like a lot the new options Merry brings to the table, he might even be a bit too strong! He's also very fun to play with - the look of amusement on your face when a hig-threat enemy is revelead while all your fellow players groan.. :D

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