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The Hero Championship 2015

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AJ: Galadriel

AK: Glorfindel (S)

AL: Frodo Baggins

AM: Aragorn (Le)

AN: Aragorn (Lo)

AO: Legolas

AP: Beregond

AQ: Haldir of Lorien

AR: Elrond

AS: Merry (S)

AT: Gandalf

AU: Erestor

AV: Éowyn

AW: Amarthiul

AX: Arwen Undomiel

AY: Faramir (Le)

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A slight delay in posting the round 3 results: several matches were so close I had to recount the votes just to be sure

It turns out that out that our AQ match is a tie between Haldir of Lorien and Mablung.

As in the past, the tie will be broken by the first person to post their preference to this thread... good luck!

UPDATE: a vote from Nov customer makes Hadid the winner!

Edited by Thanatopsis

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--- Round 3 CLOSED ---

Round 3 voting is officially closed

The 16 heroes moving on to Round 4 are:
Sam Gamgee
Frodo Baggins
Aragorn (Lo)
Holder of Lorien
Merry (S)
Boromr (T)
Aragorn (T)
Arwen Undomiel
Théoden (S)

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--- Round 4 ---

16 heroes are reducing down to 8.

Once again, I’ve included a voting card (see below) that should help alleviate everyone re-typing everything. Just copy, paste, and delete whichever names you are not voting for.

Visit http://challonge.com/lotrhero2015 for the bracket layout.

Voting closes at noon CST Thursday December 17.

AZ: Galadriel v Sam Gamgee
BA: Frodo Baggins v Éomer
BB: Aragorn (Lo) v Legolas
BC: Beregond v Haldirectory of Lorien
BD: Elrond v Merry (S)
BE: Gandalf v Boromir (T)
BF: Éowyn v Aragorn (T)
BG: Arwen Undomiel v Théoden (S)

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AZ: Sam Gamgee. That's a good matchup.  I find Sam more fun to play, but I really like both of these heroes.
BA: Éomer
BB: Aragorn (Lo), keep going Aragorn, wouldn't mind seeing you making it at least to the final four!
BC: Haldir
BD: Elrond
BE: Gandalf.  Neither are heroes that I use a whole lot, but Gandalf is trickier to play and I kind of enjoy that.
BF: Aragorn (T)
BG: Théoden (S)

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AZ: Galadriel v Sam Gamgee - Tough call.  I'll take the guy that can contribute from turn 1.
BA: Frodo Baggins v Éomer - Still my favorite spirit Hobbit.
BB: Aragorn (Lo) v Legolas - His ability is just so potent, and he has all the weapons.
BC: Beregond v Haldir - Might be my toughest pick of the round.  Both are quite good.
BD: Elrond v Merry (S) - Another tough call.  Don't like Vilya, but I haven't been too impressed by Merry yet.  I guess I'll take the Hobbit.
BE: Gandalf v Boromir (T) - Don't like either
BF: Éowyn v Aragorn (T) - Best Aragorn.  His ability can get around so many annoying enemies.
BG: Arwen Undomiel v Théoden (S) - Come on people, she's not even released yet.  Plus Theoden makes the Rohan deck work.

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AZ: Sam Gamgee - Galadriel has already had her 15 minutes.
BA: Éomer - In the end, having Éomer fly into a murderous rage because one of his buddies has died is more fun than threating out with Frodo.
BB: Aragorn (Lo) - Tough call, but I'd say Loreagorn's ability is the more powerful of the two.
BC: Beregond - Would beat Haldir in a fight.
BD: Merry (S) - Threat shenanigans are more fulfilling than Vilya shenanigans.
BE: Gandalf - Still voting for aesthetic reasons on this one.

BF: Aragorn (T) - I kind of want to see an Aragorn face-off, although it's not likely. But this remains my favourite version of Aragorn.
BG: Arwen Undomiel - New and shiny
beats old and Santa.

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AZ: Sam Gamgee

BA: Frodo Baggins

BB: Aragorn (Lo)

BC: Beregond

BD: Elrond

BE: Boromir (T)

BF: Éowyn

BG: Théoden (S)

Some of these are tough calls, hard to vote down Gandalf and Legolas, but that's the way it is.

Edited by DavidnTanya

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AZ: Sam Gamgee for sure! Great low threat cost leadership hero with great willpower and inbuilt readying. Plus Galadriel won last year against Elrond so she got to go!

BA: Éomer. Frodo beat Beorn?? Boo! Eomer has amazing art and is a fantastic attacker. Not a fan of Frodo, I like to defend with epic defenders not with my threat!

BB: Legolas. Yes he has won this all before but with good reason. Also I think the whole desperate alliance + aragorn conbo to reset everyone s/multiple players threat is lame.

BC: Haldir all the way. I actually prefer him to Legolas and Legolas is epic. Legolas won this whole thing because he is such a fantastic attacker and his great ability. Haldir also has ranged, a 9 threat cost and like Legolas sort of providing an effect similar to asfaloth or other location control, Haldir can provides a feint type effect killing enemies before they can even attack multiple times in a game if he is used right.

Given all this I think he actually deserves a shot at the title. Can't believe he almost lost to Mablung, thank goodness for whoever broke that tie!!!

BD: Elrond. No brainer, Elrond should have beaten Galadriel last year and I'd love for him to also make it to the final.

BE: Boromir (T). Gandalf hero haters UNITE! Lets get him out of this glorious competition!

BF: Aragorn (T). Eowyn sucks, never been a fan. Lets all just discard cards every turn for willpower hurr durr. How about no, how about we boost it in other ways and keep our cards! Hopefully Arwen will replace her in most decks now as they are somewhat similar and are the same sphere and threat cost. Scorpigorn on the other hand is really neat and that -1 def to enemies is really cool, inventive and unique for a hero ability.

BG: Arwen Undomiel. Oh the new hero that I quickly misjudged yet ended up adding her to my decks and is AMAZING in them. Not to mention her awesone art, ability and how long we've wanted an Arwen hero.

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