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The Hero Championship 2015

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A: Óin

B: Glorfindel (Lo)

C: Fatty Bolger


I like Mirlonde, but Óin is an actual LotR character and I recently had success with him on a deck.


I almost went for Pippin, since his art is oh so great while Glorfindel's is rather sad (and why is he always too thin?), but Glorfindel is a great hero.


And finally Fatty, since there are way too many dwarves and not enough hobbits.



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Yay!!! Hero championship is back!! Good on you for running it again Thanatopsis, after running the unique ally one I know that it does take a fair bit of work and time so good on you for sticking with it!


Still can't believe Galadriel took the title home last year instead of Elrond... highway robbery if you ask me!


Wow rough that some of these heroes have to fight to even get into the bracket! Fair enough though if they finished bottom 6 last year! I agree with others that they will get trounced within a round or two anyway though =P


A. Oin. Just never been a fan of mirlonde and have never used her or really even looked at her card for that long!

B. Glorfindel (Lo). Bad Art or no an awesome character and a decent hero. healing right out of the gate without any player cards can be **** useful
C. Dwalin even though hes awful. He is nowhere near as awful as Fatty. Not to mention Dwarves > Hobbits for me. 

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--- Round 1 ---


This round includes six heroes fighting to stay alive before the main bracket kicks in. You'll recognize them as last year's bottom six finishers...

A: Mirlonde vs. Óin


B: Glorfindel (Lo) vs. Pippin (S)


C: Fatty Bolger vs. Dwalin



The winners in this round will go on to face (1)Galadriel, (2)Elrond, and (3)Éowyn.



Voting closes at noon CST Wednesday December 2.

A. Oin

B. Pippin

C. Fatty Bolger

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--- Round 1 CLOSED ---


Round 1 voting is officially closed


The heroes moving on to Round 2 are:



All three were sound victories receiving over 60% of the votes (45 total participants).


With the end of this round comes the sad news of announcing our bottom finishers

Pippin:#67 (last) - 10 total votes
Oin: #66
Fatty Bolger: #65

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