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simplified rules (flowchart or cheat-sheet)

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Anyone  ever made a cheat sheet of any sort ?


such as a quick obvious list of what it costs to purchase each card ?



What you mean, my friend, when you talk about "costs of each card" or "cheat sheet" ?!?

Do you want a complete list of cards ?!? Mmmhhhh... It is copirighted so... I think it is "unlegal"; at least if you don't pay tons of money to FFG and Games Workshop... LOL

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I'm not quite sure what you mean.


A cheat sheet of the cost of wargear cards? Seems kind of pointless as the cards you draw are random.


Knowing in advance how much they will cost won't help at all really.


If that wasn't what you were referring to, then could you go into more detail.

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