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Solo Tips Please?

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Hi ^_^


I picked up this game a bit ago, loving lotr but also intrigued by a game that would be co-op as well as solo play.  The Co-op was easy enough, we'd get 4 people together with the core set and everyone picks an element.  This lasted a while as we tried to make it through the core set quests, but solo was not so easy.


I've seen some people support rule variants for solo play, but I really don't want to break / change the rules.  I'm not afraid of losing, or a challenge.  I've got a few expansions, and I have some more on order, but I'd also appreciate some direction from the solo players out there.


Are there cards you find staple for strict 1 handed solo play?  Obviously quests differ, what deck tactics do you build into different types of quests?


Also - what quests do you find most fun solo?



- I am not against 2 handed play, but 1 handed play seems to be a bigger puzzle.  I'm trying out decks and quests both ways.


I've worked my way through the Journey Along the Anduin quest with a solo deck, ducking 30 threat and exploiting Dunhere and Bard the Bowman with a Great Yew Bow to snipe people without ever actually engaging them.  This was pretty fun, and let me play with some mechanics that didn't actually pan out well in multi-play where 1 player's threat can clear out the staging area.


I'm not even going to pretend Escape from Dol Guldur is possible for me yet, but I'm not afraid to try, or to build decks specifically for certain quests.


The main thing I really want to do is get through saga quests solo...  I picked up the 2 boxes for the Hobbit saga and those trolls in the first quests are a real brick wall...


Anyway - please share any tips for building strict solo play, power cards and strategies.  Also what quests do you think really shine in solo play?

Thank you.

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Well, just as a tip with those trolls: RUN AWAY, take the option to quest past them.


Some useful cards: test of will to cancel treachery effects, which sometimes can completely nullify the encounter card revealed for the turn in solo. Steward of gondor is great to be able to play cards, which sometimes goes well with lore to draw many cards to play. For doing lots of fighting, it is hard to beat Gimli with your card pool. Steward of gondor and test of will are often considered must-includes.


My experience has been to try to have a hero to quest, a hero to attack, and a hero to do something else (not necessarily defend: little shock troopers like snowborne scout can take the lead on that one). A core set alone could include Aragorn, Theodred (to ready Aragorn), and Eowyn. Include cards to ready your heroes. Cram + Erebor Hammersmith works nicely.


Some useful blogs I don't mind plugging for other forum users:




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This is the best solo game ever and you're thinking the right way. My general advice is to build a deck that can do everything (quest, combat, treachery cancellation, location control) but focus on questing and combat. Rely more on allies and attachments because they stay in play. Usually blue and green are stronger colors for new solo players.

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