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We finished it!!!!

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I run my group through the beginner game adventure (including the lure of the lost) and i have to say that it did it's job, it got me hooked, i liked the game and am sure i will start a full campaign in a month or so. I received mixed to positive feedback from my group*. Specifically, one player is a big fan of Star Wars and he really did like the game, one other player is ok with Star Wars (seen only the 6 movies) and although he liked the game; he really disliked the character he picked (Tarast) and that somewhat soured his experience with the game, the last player is really indifferent about Star Wars (has only seen episodes I and II) but he really liked the game except the range bands.


*keep in mind that most of my group have been playing DnD and Pathfinder pretty much solely  


My players picked the characters Tarast, Pon Edestus and Sarenda.


The mountaintop rescue adventure was pretty much a tutorial of the system, the story was very mediocre and it felt like window dressing for the tutorial. It took us 1 and a half session to finish it and i didn't really change anything other an extra enemy in a couple of encounters and the fact that i gave Malefax Adversary 1 and Parry 2. The adventure was easy but to the point, also in some places it felt like holding your hand too much but then again it may have seemed that way to me and my group because we aren't new to PnP.

All in all it was a good tutorial and an ok short adventure.


On the other hand the lure of the lost adventure was very good, i liked it very much, the story was interesting, the city of Reles was a good depiction of a small corrupted empire world, the history of the temple, the caves of light and shadow could be the central point of a whole adventure. The adventure inspired me to add things in order to enrich the story or the RP of most encounters (the heavy gan, the rebels, the gatekeepers, even the Rav Naaran), i expanded Rav Naaran's story in order to give him a new spin. The two new gatekeepers were very interesting, their dialog entries really helped me get a handle on their personalities.

Sure i would have liked if there was more information about a lot of locales, things like the the caves of light and shadow or more descriptions of the various parts of the temple, or a gazetteer of Reles but even the things in the book were very good. The only thing that was somewhat weak was the frostwall village but nothing to spoil things.


I didn't change much in the encounters (an extra minion or an extra henchman here and there) except for Rav Naaran, oh him i changed and i fear i made him a bit too powerful because the heroes lost to him, surely the players were on the edge of their seats the whole time, the fallen Jedi was full of himself and played with them at the start but got serious after he got a serious (and very very lucky) hit from Pon Edestus. The way i see it (in hindsight), with the changes i made to Rav, the chances were 50-50 for the players winning or losing and i think i overdid it because i could see that the players were kinda bummed out when they lost, thankfully not much because they realized how powerful Rav Naaran is.


In summary we enjoyed it very much, good job fantasy flight and thank you.


PS. If anyone wants more details on the changes/additions (either the mechanical or the story) just ask.

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