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Riku Riekkinen

Yours abilities won't work, since you have init?

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I think some of you are missing the point that OP is trying to make.  As the game grows, we will run into a larger number of issues with simultaneous effects where the order they are completed makes a great deal of difference.  


R2-D2 and APL both say "after completing a maneuver" so we needed an FAQ entry.


Ion tokens and projector also say "after completing a/this maneuver"  So which one comes first, clearing or rolling for another token?  The rules are not clear and it is not a trivial difference.


I don't expect the rules to be rewritten but the designers are going to be painted into a corner timing wise.  We will either see an FAQ full of clarifications or be stuck with a lot of ambiguity.


I think Conner Net is a good example of where the designers failed to fully account for the intricacies of timing with a new card.  The sheer amount of text required to spell out the effects after release is an indicator that things are not exactly perfect as is.

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