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Dungeon Crawler Jack

Modded Harbinger - Balancing this expansion

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Hello folks! Controversially, I found Harbinger a bit annoying, so I had to make my own changes to stop it from dominating the game, because I play with all the expansions.

I did away with the Omens as they're too punishing, and took the cards out that rely on the Omens, they just cripple the game, no thanks.

So.... with the essence of the Harbinger cards arriving by surprise, I added some adventure cards with an encounter number of 0 - meaning it overrides all other cards and comes first:

Stranger: Harbinger. Replace all cards drawn, including this one, with cards from the Harbinger deck.


The counts were as follows;

Adventure: 40
Highland: 10
Dungeon: 10
Woodland: 8
City: 6

And so far its going very well!

The deck is reasonably well represented in the game but doesn't overpower it.

Opinions about this?

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Actually I like the unforgiving aspect of the expansion. It turns Talisman into one of those games that are hard to beat but annoyingly we always come back for a whoopin'.


I like it the way it is tbh.


That being said, it's not for everyone.

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Have only played it twice; my long suffering co-player, aka "Wife" doesn't like it.  Much like she doesn't like Dragons.  < but I got her to admit that she likes Dragons 'more' than Harbinger>  



Maybe she'll let me play again - as part of my Christmas gift?

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