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Love the game, few questions...

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Picked up the game today, and played a quick learner with my buddy...

We had a couple (few) questions...

To start the game...First location, does Dracula put down an encounter card?

Combat questions
Dracula is revealed at a location during the day.  Battle ensues... and Hunter ends combat. 
Switching to night...
Does the hunter get to attack again?
If another hunter comes to that location, do BOTH join in combat?
In combat, does Dracula's effect... affect only the "engaged" opponent, or does he deal damage to both?

After combat, Dracula is still revealed on city with two people...

Does the progression of the trail continue and Dracula "disappears" and moves to an adjacent city?
Does he attack?

Love the game so far!

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Now, I haven't played any edition of this game yet, though Lord knows I've wanted to for about five years now.... Purchased my copy yesterday and have been studying up on the rules in preparation for a game on Friday (I tend to be the rules guru in most of my gaming groups), so I think I can help you out albeit tentatively so don't take this as gospel   ^_^ :



It would appear that Dracula does not place an encounter on his starting location as neither rulebook explicitly states that he does (well-spotted, I totally missed that one)




In combat:


If Dracula's revealed at a location during the day (i.e. after dawn), combat will happen at dusk (combat only happens at dawn or dusk). Dusk is followed by night and then it's the Dracula phase wherein he gets his movement step first off. If he's still there by dawn due to playing a power card like Dark Call or Feed, then, yes, a new combat would ensue (check the Round Summary at the back of the Rules Reference booklet). Mind you, if he's still there by dawn, confident enough for a brawl... well maybe the hunters don't want to stick around for whatever happens next, especially if he's just broken a few weapons with Strength... because now he's got his full combat deck again  :ph34r:


If another hunter comes to Dracula's current location, then, yes, they join in the combat as well. And the more the merrier really because.....


Dracula's combat cards do specify who the effects are affecting ( :P)  and it's typically only the engaged hunter. However, claws can do additional damage to any hunter in the combat at night, so that's one to remember.


As to your last question, that does seem to be the gist: he moves to an adjacent city, drops off an encounter and the hunters have to work out where he's gone. And, if Drac hasn't played Wolf Form, they've got a pretty good idea where he might be next.



Hope that helps (and that it's accurate  :huh: )

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The 1st and 2nd editions of the game had the mechanic where a hunter moves and then combat is resolved.  In 2nd edition, the time of day was determined based on the time of day (there were 6 turns, 3 at day, 3 at night).  In 3rd edition, if the hunters initiate combat as a result of day movement, it will be at night (when Dracula is strong).  If Dracula doesn't move on his turn, then there will be a combat in the AM (when he is weak).  The simple solution for Dracula is to simply leave the space...


Again, this is a MAJOR change from 2nd edition to 3rd edition...

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They seem to be playing around with mechanics in this area, probably to get away from the entirely random "roll a die when combat begins to see if it's day or night" used by the first edition.


I'm all for removing this randomness, although I'm also NOT fond of second edition's system for tracking time.  As someone who usualy plays Dracula, the days are simply too long!  It's also way too easy to forget to move the marker. ;)


Although I don't own third edition myself, I'm certainly considering importing some of the 3E rules as house rules to 2E, this being one of them.  I agree it's a major change, but seeing as I was never fully satisified with the previous rules, it's a change I'm prepared to consider.

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