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What rpg system to use with this book?

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Has anyone actually run an Adroid rpg using The Worlds of Android? My own gaming group hasn't shown enough interest in it yet, but I'm still holding out hope.

I've gotten to read through the Savage Worlds version of Interface Zero 2.0 and can appreciate why it was recommended. I still don't think that SW is the right system to power the game the way I envision wanting to run it though. I won't be focusing on tactical combat. There are just so much richer themes to explore in the Android setting than that.

That said, I haven't been able to look at the Fate version of IZ 2.0. Would anyone recommend it? Any details for or against would be appreciated.

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I am currently playing in a game using the Worlds of Android book as a setting guide.

We are actually using the Cypher System as the rule set, and it has been great.  Robust enough to do what we want but not bogged down in rules like other systems.


We love the setting and have been having a blast playing in it.   The book is quite useful. 

You can find some wrtie-up of our sessions over at my website (my20sidedlife.com)   i am woefully behind but should be posting more soon.

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