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Definitive Guide to Disney Non-Movie Canon Ships

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This is a guide for Non-Movie Canon Ships. With the EU relegated to Legends, Disney has been producing a lot of new content in the form of novels, comics and video games — and with them, some new and completely canonical ships.


I haven't read all the new comics or played every pixel of the new video games. But when I've stumbled across something new, I tried to grab an image of it.


Please fee free to tack on new ships, or make corrections. And point out if some of these ships have existed before in the EU.


It's also possible that some of these ships will make it into a feature film or TV. For example, the Rebel Troop Transport in comic Star Wars Issue 1 could be in Rogue One.


The guide is limited to ships in the Small and Large range. So 60m or less.


Here goes:


Tatooine Shuttle

First Appearance: Star Wars #1






Diplomat Shuttle

First Appearance: Princess Leia 1









Ark Angel

First Appearance: Darth Vader #3




Volt Cobra

First Appearance: Star Wars #5







All the ships made in past SW material still exist.

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Saying "Big fan!" to Darth Vader is as stupid as Mace Windu saying "This party's over." No wonder the EU got shitcanned.


That was one of the new canon comics, not something from the EU...

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Liking the Volt Cobra; it's a neat sleeker take on the typical Corellian freighter design with its half-moon shape. But is it just me, or does its appearance change between those panels? Seems like none of the artists can agree how the front looks outside the windshield. 

Yeah, it's nice that they were able to make it look obviously Corellian without going the "asymmetry for asymmetry's sake" route of the Outrider. It always bothers me when Corellian freighters are given asymmetrical designs just to be like the Millennium Falcon, even though they don't have cargo mandibles like the Falcon to justify it.


And yes, the art is ridiculously inconsistent for it. Hopefully a definitive official blueprint will be put out to settle that.


This ship belongs to Palpatine: 


That would be the Imperialis.

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