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5 Lost Jedi Who Managed to Survive the Star Wars Prequels

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As for a cap, while it's not logical canon sources has tended to treat the matter as if basically the only ones that survived are the ones we see in canon sources. That's the tendency. It's not logical (or consistent with other story elements, but I'm no longer sure the rest of my points are actually being read anyway) but that's the general feel that canon sources attempt to establish


I don't think that's true unless by canon you mean the Original Trilogy (for which it definitely is true); the feeling I get from Rebels and RotS is definitely not that the only Jedi survivors are the ones we see. This is, I presume, what you're talking about when you say it's inconsistent and ultimately boils down to the fact that the OT predates attempts at creating a real canon (because at that point Star Wars was a series of films, not a mythology).



I haven't read all the young adult stuff for Rebels or the new novels but in general the bent of even the show Rebels seems to state the Jedi are no more. Tarkin himself says as much when he arrives. He doesn't state a few are left or that a handful remain but they are being hunted down, he pretty pointedly states that they are all dead. Which is fine in some regards, but as I said earlier .... all the Jedi are dead until such time as the story says you need a new survivor. Then there are more Jedi. The overall tone of most of the material wants us to believe that all the Jedi are dead though. 


But as I stated numerous times, they are very inconsistent on this issue. 


Edit: Frankly the entire way in which they seem to want to treat the Jedi as if they were myths and legends despite the fact that there are plenty of people alive to have seen them in action is another illogical and inconsistent thing they do with the Jedi ......


Well yeah. The Jedi as an organization are no more. Have been for a very long time. I think that is part of the trouble. People keep conflating the order and the individuals as the same thing. Just because the order collapsed does not mean every single jedi is dead. Hell the show tells us pretty clearly that no they are not all dead. Because they keep using traps and inquisitors to find the survivors. 

Also Jedi are myths and legends to ordinary people who rarely ever saw them even when the order was not destroyed. 


In Revenge of the Sith Obi-Wan took a big risk going back into the Temple to reset the Beacon to tell Jedi to stay away. I'd say there could be a couple of hundred Jedi spread around, keeping their heads down, trying not to be noticed. Then there's all the children, with no Temple looking and checking, any new Force capable children born wouldn't be found. Maybe a few like Kanan Jarrus around, more likely a lot more like Ezra. The ability wouldn't die out, just the power base, trained numbers and training ability gone. One of the points made in the later books was things like children's Force user toys etc, to encourage developement, no longer existed.

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Or maybe make a Jedi Master who, himself, argues the above about the Jedi and the Force: Did they spend too much as government arms rather than Force scholars? Does balancing the Force mean the eradication of evil, or just moderating it's influence? Etc.

The Jedi's views do not have to be your own, but he should be able to make the players - and their characters - think and wonder. Then, when they have come to their own conclusion, they can become what Jedi they think the galaxy needs, for better or worse.

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