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Children of Yuggoth fan expansion finished

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…And it has come to pass that the Lord of the Woods, being... seven and nine, down the onyx steps.... tributes to Him in the Gulf, Azathoth, He of Whom Thou hast taught us marvels... on the wings of night out beyond space, out beyond th... to That whereof Yuggoth is the youngest child, rolling alone in black aether at the rim…

-H.P. Lovecraft, The Whisperer in Darkness.




Download link



Children of Yuggoth is an Ancient One only expansion written by Michael Hunter, featuring 24 Research Encounters, 7 Mysteries, 10 special encounters, 12 adventures, 16 Abducted conditions, 4 Epic Monsters and Rules/FAQ sheet.


The expansion allows you to match your wits against the Mi-go, powerful but secretive aliens that have lived on earth for centuries. They avoid humans not because they lack the power to defeat mankind in open warfare, but simply because it is less effort to keep their existence from us.


However, ignorance is no longer an option. The Mi-go came to Earth to mine arcane metals as well as more abstract qualities of space-time, resources only the most learned scholars even know exist. Their dark industries are beginning to destroy the fabric of our planet, threatening to suck the entire globe into the void if the Mi-go are not stopped. Here the Investigators come in, ready to solve the Mysteries of the Mi-go and save the world.




The investigators may have to match wits with The Messenger, To Who All Things Must Be Told. This shadowy aspect of Nyarlathotep does not wait idly for the investigators, It lurks behind a veil of shadows and silence, and even finding such a being will test the cunning of investigators as well as their strength. The investigators might have to close the Wells of Night, fonts of power that the Mi-go use to appease their eldritch allies. To do this will require the investigators to form a magical conjunction at specific points around the world, in order to cast a ritual that will seal the wells. The boldest investigators may even have to travel to Yuggoth itself, a black orb at the far edges of the solar system where the Mi-go make their home, but reaching to this cursed place will require an artifact of great power.




Another mystery sends investigators into the steep hills and brooding forests of Vermont to seek the knowledge of Henry Akeley, a recluse who was studying Mi-go for the months before his mysterious disappearance. In these encounters investigators might have to track down the vanished man’s estate, search the trackless heights of Round hill, or even withstand the horror that now wears Akeley’s skin.




In their struggles against the Mi-go, the luckless investigators may become abducted, victims of the aliens and their obscene science. An Abducted condition both costs the investigator their next action and subjects them to the Mi-go’s surgical curiosity. The effects of this can range from a simple interview to the extraction of the helpless victims brain! Sometimes the Mi-go’s science can even lead to an improvement to the weak human physiology, but at great cost to the patient.


Note that several of the components in this expansion also tie in with other expansions, using conditions and assets from them. These cards can be removed if the players do not have access to that particular expansion.




Unlike other Ancient Ones, the Mi-go cannot be defeated by solving Mysteries alone. Upon completing the second mystery, the investigators will be sent on an Adventure to find and destroy the Hole in the World, the spiraling, insanely angled mine of the Mi-go that digs into the earth and into the fabric of reality itself.




The Hole in the World adventure is divided into three stages, as the investigators come closer and closer to the heart of the Mi-go’s industries. In the first stage the investigators search for the location itself. They may have to track down an escapee, or perhaps use their magical knowledge to track the dimension twisting magic that flows from it.




The second stage sees the investigators descend far beneath the earth. This stage is designed to slow but also to weaken the luckless investigators who dare intrude. They may be forced to battle their way past Mi-go sentinels in the pitch dark, or to sacrifice their very mind to navigate their way through the labyrinth.




When the exhausted investigators finally reach the belly of the beast, they have one last task to defeat the Mi-go and save the world. They could be confronted with the mocking grin of Nyarlathotep himself, or have to scour the earth for magics to control the screaming void they find.




The Mi-go have kept themselves secret for centuries, working through agents and keeping their bases far from places humans care to go. Finding clues about the Mi-go will send the investigators to the darkest corners of the globe, expose them to great risk, and enlighten them on the darkest mysteries of their world and the void above it.


The expansion is available for download as a pdf from the link at the top of the page.

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I'll be trying it out this Friday Nov. 20th with my wife and BiL. 


Leo Anderson will be representing for sure!


I love the theme and I'm anxious to try out the final mystery adventure (step 1, find the Migo base, step 2, penetrate it, step 3, deal with whatever you find at the core).


It's Mythos X-COM.




Favorite Leo Anderson call back.


Fond memories of that time against the Elder Things where he got the Heart of Winter artifact.  I was thinking, we aren't fighting the Ithaqua, this is useless, I've never even seen a Hypothermia condition yet.


Boom, some encounter gave it to me.  POWER UP!

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Update: tried this out last night and loved it.  The overall theme is excellent and it does a good job of mixing play style up what with having two mysteries to solve followed by a three part adventure.  Some of the things to accomplish are routine (spend clues gained from research to advance mystery) while others are really novel (will say no more to avoid spoiling things).


Definitely not an easy AO.  While it's hard to extrapolate from one play through, I'd guess that unless you hand pick your investigators this will be on a par with Cthulhu / Yig in terms of difficulty.

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Just played this last Saturday night.  Here are my impressions:


Short version:  Very positive, will play again.


Warning, some spoilers in this retelling, however the biggest one (the final part of the adventure) is posted by the OP above.




3 players, 4 investigators.  I pulled out my favorite: Leo Anderson (who had some great synergy with this AoO).  My brother in law played State Senator Charlie Kane (as he always does), and my wife played her favorite Diane Stanley and the psychic.


Early game, the psychic camped out in Arkham doing the first mystery Whisperer in Darkness while the rest of us gathered clues and kept the gates under control (and the rumor where the Londom Museum cool exhibit came to life).  After that we continued managing the board and dealing with 2 horrible monster stacks on gates while gathering clues and spells for that mystery where you got to have all 4 players on special places to complete a ritual.


To the final mystery/adventure, we found the location to be in the depths of Russia and gathered supplies from cities to be able to plumb the infinite depths of the Mi-go base (knowing what the other 2nd adventure steps are, I felt this one was pretty easy, especially with St. Sen. Charlie Kane.


Of course we were horrified to meet Nyarlathotep himself down there.  As we were getting somewhat short on turns (Doom track was fine, but mythos cards were another story), we played it a bit aggressive, giving Charlie the majority of the clues as Leo and the psychic tried to help convince the Crawling Chaos to leave.


Well that worked, 3 of 4 successes came with Charlie Kane. 


Unfortunately Nyarlathotep convinced Leo to come with him (Dark Pact, reckoning with 1-4 being a failure on the dark pact; contract with the Dark Man, I was devoured).


As bummed as I was about that, I figured it was sorta funny, and definately a fitting way to go.



Otherwise I wish the nasty abductions came into play more often but we managed to roll pretty well.  2 investigators got abducted over the course of the game.

I love the final mystery being an adventure.  The fact that it takes 2 normal mysteries out of 7, and 4 different adventures for each of the 3 stages means lots of replayability.


Cultists not being in the monster pool was a noticable difficulty ramp up (Star Spawn and a Dhole out at the same time).

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Is there a quick and easy way to print all these components? I've struggled through getting other fan-created components into reasonably functional physical forms, but always strongly suspect there must be a MUCH easier way to get it done...  

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