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core plus khazad dum expansion

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Hi there I'm looking at picking up khazad dum and a single core set. Can I build a decent deck out of this?

Are there any new player guides with deck suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated

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Yep. You should use Thalin and 3 gondorian spearman to take you through the mines of moria. They will make those 2hp goblins no threat. If you get a surge of goblins while Thalin is questing, you can very efficiently use a 'Sneak Attack' with a 'Longbeard Orc Slayer' to clear the bad guys from the game for only one resource.

I used 1 core set well into my time becoming a pro at this game. Feel free to use cards you don't use as stand ins for cards you need as there are not 3 of every card in the core game but deck building rules allow you to use 3 of each card. (there are 3x in all expansins though)

Tales from the Cards, Hall of Beorn, and Cardboard of the Rings, as well as these forums all have good info but they'll tell you what everyone in here will. Buy in order. Don't worry so much about print on demand or nightmare decks yet. There are no player cards in those so, less value and you'll want a larger card pool to take on those hard quests anyway. What a lot of people recommend is playing through each pack in order and experience the card pool as it grows. That is the truemagic of this game. They did a very good job of expanding the power of cards horizontllay not verticlally. So you'll get more options but not godlike powers. Though sometimes an older quest will become easier as it didn't anticipate a certain strategy like a 'Hama Lock Deck'. There was a moderate power boost when dwarves came out and a moderate difficulty increase in the third cycle that followed the dwarves to match it but the game really has rounded out and come into its own and I'd say this latest fifth cycle is the best one yet.

Generally every cycle of 6 quests has a fun but easy-moderate quest to jump into and have fun, 4 challenging quests and 1 that is rediculously hard or like a boss fight. (Not always inthat order though). Same goes for the 3 deluxe quests that start off a cycle like you will find in Kazadum And Core. One will be moderate and fun and introduce you to new concepts, one will be challengng, and finally one is very challenging. Most quests can give you such an ugly setup things can get horriffic on turn one even if you are using the newest cards. You could actually enjoy the core set for a long time as the first quest is a great learning quest that can still be punishingly hard with bad luck. The third quest is a real challenge. The second quest to this day remains one of my personal favorites, a fan favorite, and is an absolutely amazing "deck tester" because it hits you with a little of everything and is a very well rounded challenge without being overly annoying with "instant loss" cards that make you hate to love or love to hate the game.

Currently I have one of everything made minus nightmare and print on demand encounter decks. That is going to be a whole different animal I will tackle after getting through everything else. I mainly play with one other player (or two handed if playing solitare). The game is most perfectly balanced at 2 players and you'll really never want two people playing the same spheres so 1 of everything will be enough cards foryou and a gaming partner. For a long time I was doing great with 1 core set and you can totally do that but I'm such a huge fan of the game I ended up getting 3 total core sets for maximum deck building options. Only do this if you really get into the game and find it for way under MSRP online like for 25 bucks like I did.

Most cards in core are 2x cards but the rules let you use 3 of every card in your deck. So out of 3 core sets I essentially made two core sets (6 of everything) and gave the other to my gaming partner. The few cards that are 1x are useless except for a readying effect called Unexpected Courage and a resource generator called Horn of Gondor but those are easy to use stand in cards for.

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Wow what a great post. Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. I was planning on working my way through the sets so this seems like a great place to start.

I'll post a deck up here later so I can get opinions :)

Thanks again!

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Here are two dual sphere decks that cruise through core and much of mirkwood for me.

Usually with 2 players you'll want dual sphere decks to cover all spheres, until you reach cycle 3 where monosphere is great. For "Journey Down the Anduin" you'll want to take Gloin instead of Aragorn to stay under 30 threat a few rounds

Total Cards: (50)

Hero: (3)

1x Aragorn

1x Theodred

1x Beravor

Ally: (29)

3x Daughter of the Nimrodel

3x Faramir

3x Gandalf

3x Gleowine

3x Miner of the Iron Hills

3x Snowbourn Scout

2x Henamarth Riversong

3x Longbeard Orc Slayer

3x Guard of the Citadel

3x Erebor Hammersmith

Attachment: (12)

3x Celebrian's Stone

3x Forest Snare

3x Protector of Lorien

3x Steward of Gondor

Event: (9)

3x Lorien's Wealth

3x Sneak Attack

3x Valiant Sacrifice

Total Cards: (50)

Hero: (3)

1x Eowyn

1x Gimli

1x Thalin

Ally: (15)

3x Gondorian Spearman

3x Northern Tracker

3x Veteran Axehand

3x Wandering Took

3x Gandalf

Attachment: (12)

3x Citadel Plate

3x Horn of Gondor

3x The Favor of the Lady

3x Unexpected Courage

Event: (23)

3x A Test of Will

3x Dwarven Tomb

3x Feint

3x Hasty Stroke

3x Quick Strike

3x Stand and Fight

3x The Galadhrim's Greeting

1x Fortune or Fate

1x Will of the West

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