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Rounds & Payouts

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but my question is, does FFG have a guide as to how many matches should be played depending on player attendance?

Reason being, a local tournament I entered recently had 3 rounds & after talking to the TO the two undefeated had a untimed 4th round. There were 14 people at this event.

My question is, shouldn't there have been another game going to see who would take 3/4 or potentially 2nd depending on how that match went between the two undefeated.

I know the TO has final say in how things will be played out, but I wasn't sure what the norm is. I guess asking how the rounds will be before going will help next time.

Another thing I had a question on, was at one store I play at, payouts are tied to how many people attend, so if 100 showed up, 1st place would be awesome lol!

But at another store, its a set amount & doesn't change no matter how many attend. On the off chance 100 did show up, I'm sure the owner would up it. But that didn't happen when we had 19 players.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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The tournament rules have a guideline, but unless it is a premiere event, the TO doesn't have to follow it. 


Considering the rank and file tournaments have to be tailored more to the venue than the big name events, you will not find a consistent application. 


Which is for the best. Tailor the tournament to the venues. 

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