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What do Bothans sound like?

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Gilbert Gottfried


Here are those PLANS you asked for. They say that this half built station ... has a lot of holes in it. HOLES. 


That's something you can use, right? This is important. 


A couple of us bit the big one on this mission, but it's ALL WORTH IT because now you know there will be HOLES!


Maybe you can fly through one of the holes and find some exposed wiring somewhere.

Also, the most important person in the Empire will be at the most important place in the Empire. MIND BLOWING INFORMATION, I know. Who could have guessed?


I'm glad you sent us to FIND THIS OUT, because no one could have guessed it from, I DON'T KNOW, looking out the window or watching maybe an hour of CSPAN. 


Now I have some funerals to attend to, but DON'T WORRY, their loved ones can rest easy knowing they died to tell you about the HOLES.

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French. Just because.


WIth just a hint of annoying shih tzu.



When I think about Bothan, I alway get the picture of Littlefinger in Game of Thrones.


Now that is awesome.



So nobody watched the videos then?

Ok, great talkin' to ya...  :rolleyes:


Videos? Good Lord no... its much more fun to make rediculous comments. :lol:

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