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Secrecy deck strategy?

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To try to give myself a new challenge, rather than restricting the decks our group can make, I've been restricting myself to 2 heroes. If my friends like outlands, then I've just been having fun with secrecy and other "threat less than engagement cost" cards or whatever related stuff, like reusing those 20-or-less event cards. I've enjoyed Sam+Pippin and Sam+Merry, just swap the green cards for the red cards depending on how much fight help my friends need. It's possible to make 3 heroes work with secrecy to start with 20 or less, but I've been enjoying tinkering with any random two heroes, like Imrahil + Bifur for some cheap purple expendables and some expensive greens for free. I'm gonna try pure green damrod and mirlonde soon, too.

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Thanks to the outstanding community here contributing advice, I think I finally crafted a solo secrecy deck that is both potent and thematically satisfying.

I decided to go with the Haldir angle. Yes, I unfortunately do need Glorfindel, but by making it an all elven secrecy deck, he goes from being a crutch to a thematic inclusion.

I decided to drop out Merry and get access to tactics through one of my oft overlooked and forgotten all time favorites, my old friend the Rivendell minstrel. The other cool part about this decision is the replacement with Mirlonde allows me to play on the rivendell/lorien theme. There is not a single non thematic card in this deck, as I've purposely left out power includes like quick beam because I can't stand the thought of ents in Moria and frankly don't think I need him. This deck is all about fixing enemies in the staging area and destroying them with Haldir while questing with strong wp ally support.

The other nice thing is that about a third of the deck is either secrecy or secrecy related cards, so it actually feels like a secrecy deck and not just a dash of secrecy thrown in. I think I've covered all of my bases except the use Glorfindel, and I've even found a way to minimize the pain of using him by making him thematic. This was all based on the suggestions people made on this thread so Thanks!

Time to go up against my favorite deck tester (and some of my favorite quests to date BTW), the nightmare Khazad Dum quests.

I'm sure there will be some fine tuning, but I'll report back how my secrecy experimenting is going.

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Hi you all.I'm a long time player of meccg but i play this game right from the start.I got every expensions up to date and waiting for The Land of Shadows now.This is my first post but a long time follower of this Forum.I only play Dwarf/Hobbit decks because i don't get much time to build new decks so i stick to 2 decks and modify them.So@Duke:Could you please post the decklist of that Dwarf/secrecy deck?With Hobbits secrecy is logic but Dwarves sounds too cool.

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Dwarf Secrecy

Total Cards: 50

Heroes (starting threat: 25)

Nori (Over Hill and Under Hill)

Oin (On the Doorstep)

Ori (Over Hill and Under Hill)

Allies (30)

1x Fili (Over Hill and Under Hill)

1x Gimli (The Treason of Saruman)

1x Glóin (On the Doorstep)

1x Erebor Battle Master (The Long Dark)

3x Blue Mountain Trader (The Dunland Trap)

1x Bofur (The Redhorn Gate)

1x Dwalin (On the Doorstep)

2x Imladris Stargazer (Foundations of Stone)

1x Kili (Over Hill and Under Hill)

3x Zigil Miner (Khazad-Dûm)

1x Bifur (On the Doorstep)

2x Erebor Hammersmith (Core Set) 3x Erebor Record Keeper (Khazad-Dûm)

3x Ered Nimrais Prospector (The Morgul Vale)

1x Henamarth Riversong (Core Set) 2x Miner of the Iron Hills (Core Set)

3x Gandalf (Core Set)

Attachments (10)

1x Narvi's Belt (Khazad-Dûm)

3x Legacy of Durin (The Watcher in the Water)

3x Resourceful (The Watcher in the Water)

3x Song of Kings (The Hunt for Gollum)

Events (10)

2x We Are Not Idle (Shadow and Flame)

3x Hail of Stones (Road to Rivendell)

3x The Galadhrim's Greeting (Core Set)

2x Will of the West (Core Set)

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I have made a dozen version s of the deck, but that is one. I call it a secrecy deck, but really Resourceful is the only secrecy card. The deck is really about drawing crazy cards off LoD and Ori, then playing lots of dwarves to drop below 20, using we are not idle, zigil miner, and resourceful to generate resoures. You want to chump block and use WotW to recycle and repeat. Once you are rolling, hail of stones is amazing, killing enemies in staging area and erebor battle master finishes off bosses. The deck is slow, but has a very high potential. For instance, it completely owns the Battle for Laketown quest.

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Hi Duke,thanks a lot i will give this deck a try. My line up is usually Dain,Thorin and Balin with very good success.But i'm looking foreward to play some other cards and strategy.

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I am currently building a deck with Galadriel, Sam and Bilbo. It has a starting threat of 26, but it's easy to get it below 20. Decksize is at 64 atm, but with 3 card draws each turn (as a solo player) that really doesn't matter. Galadriel's Mirror could give you even another card draw. I'm posting the deck once I have it optimized. So far it includes 13 secrecy cards, but I'm probably going to increase the deck size for some more.

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