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Enemy Beyond Expansion

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Sarcasm or you really don't know as a writer? I guess you only saw parts of it.

I'm always interested to know what made the final cut (and my copy hasn't arrived yet!).


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Surprising that they miss Defense. But as Ace also misses Fieldcraft, maybe not that surprising.

Cant anyone end my agony and tell what new specific worlds are described? Is Tuchulcha among them? Did Kul and Enkidu make it? Also Terminus Prime and Orinoca (somehow this one makes me always think about Zelda) would be interesting...

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Hi HBMC, been a while, so as per your request...


Ranged Weapons:  -





Silverseine Launcher

Abyssal Charge (grenade/explosive)

Argent Globe (grenade/explosive)

"Ironfaith" Incense Grenade

Psyk-Out Grenade


Melee Weapons: -


(Force Hammers)

Animus Hammer

Force Hammer

Nemesis Daemon Hammer

Sanctus Hammer

Tempus Hammer



Rune Weapon (Sword)

Stealth Claw

Wailing Trident


(Power Weapons)

Ebenus Hammer

Orodo Malleus Power Glaive

Power Shield

THunder Hammer


Special Ammo: -


Abyssal Bolts

Nitidus Rounds




Armour/weapon uggrades: -


Pentagramatic Wards

Sacred Incense Burner

Truesilver (Filgree, Gilding and/or Warding)

Unguents of Warding

Warpleech Cannister


Proctective Gear: -


Heavy Power Armour

Icon of the Just

Obsidian Plate


Wargear: -


Banishing Rod

Consecrated Scrolls

Empyrean Brain Mine



This of course does not include the 'Rites of Sancitity' or Daemonic Remnants (Balestone, Hounds Teeth Gauntlet, Realitus, Spectral Flame and Void Talon), or the Daemon Weapon rules.


Et Voila!



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Personally I think Enemy Beyond is a good sourcebook for the Ordo Malleus in the sector, and unlike Daemon Hunter for DH1e a good idea not to include rules for running Grey Knight characters. Always felt they should have been included in Death Watch proper

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Good to hear that hammers finally have their arrival ;)


Does anyone have a list of described planets and new talents ?


Can the Exorzised Background be used as Exorzised only, or is it rather open to allow for mind-cleansed also (for whatever reason) ?

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Lets see...

Daemon world -

Infractus - a former research colony before it became touched by the warp. Now out of bounds, monitored from a orbital listening post under the aupsices of Inquisitor Sarl, despite which multiple survivors have come from this world.

Penal Colony -

Jubilus - before it was a prison world a dumping ground for worst specimens of humanity.

Quarantine world

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Dammit, system crashed, hang on...

Quarantine World

Vapaus - a bustling trade/mining world which fell silent 60 years back, investigation revealed all inhabitants in a vegetative state. since which world has been quarantined.

Kul (Quarantine variant) - A desert world with a terrible history...

Nexum (Penal colony) - Rocky, brittle world close to a neglected yet stable warp route.

Ossaur (shrine world) - The holy world of the Thule subsector.

The Emperor's Song (Voidborn variant) - Astronomicon relay station/fortress of the Cyclopia subsector.

Tuchulcha (Daemon World) - Wiped off the star charts centuries past, rediscovered by rogue traders and rumoured to house vast riches. Only the foolish dare to claim them from the warp touched world...

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Rictus mind telling the random chance to roll these particular new homeworlds in character generation?

On the d100 roll:

Daemon World: Sum of ones digit and tens digit is eight.

Penal Colony: Sum of ones digit and tens digit is thirteen.

Quarantine World: Ones digit is zero.

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Hi Doc,

At the moment I don't see the new world archetypes, nor the planets, listed in The Enemy Beyond. Reckon that would be in the pdf linked with the book which you would find online.

One mo pls...

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WHats your overall impression of the expansion ?


It's very very good. A ton of awesome content, and in a way, it also serves as the supplement for Radicals.


The new Crusader role is awesome and really filled a hole that was needed. The new talents are great. The new psychic disciplines are great. The Astropath elite advance is super awesome.


This book is just DENSE with content. Well worth the price of admission.



Edit: I will also say that this book also makes Enemies Within better. They really feel like two companion books. Used together, you could run endless Malleus campaigns. Even just the wargear between the two work really well together.

Edited by enentol

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Second that Enentol, very good i'm having to read it several times.

If you want radicalism - daemonhost creation, malefic daemonlogy psyker discipline, daemon weapons and warp tainted artefacts.

Astropath elite advance has a talent tree as well as a psyker discipline, as well as there being a sanctic daemonology tree (reputedly used by the Grey Knights chapter, who are mentioned alongside the Exorcists chapter, but not detailed)

Survivng possession and subsequent exorcisim differs from the Exorcised background, the reason given on p.71 of the book. You want daemons look at the bestiary at the end of the book, with guidelines for creating daemon princes.

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Thanks Rictus.


Now that the table is complete (well so far) it turns out you're most likely to come from a Hive World, more likely to come from a Daemon World/Penal Colony/Quarantine World/Research Station, and least likely to come from an Agri world/Forge World/be Highborn.

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