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Where to find a spaceship Map!?

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Good evening!


If the sad bunch I roleplay with agrees we will give Dark Heresy a go, we are not new to the lore of wh40k, to say the least we are quite a bunch of big wh nerds (minis and rpgs) so I was hoping to grab a hold of some spaceship map to make the intro more believable.



So the plot is: the PCs are travelling on a transport which some sneaky cultists that are hidden among the passengers plan to highjack/sabotage. They get locked off the rest of the ship with the cultists (maybe i'll throw in some mutant meanie with a stick in there too) and have to fight their way in the cargo hold or plasma generator room to stop the cultists from blowing up the ship, sacrificing the other passengers, blasting open air airlock or whatever sounds better. They save the day and the inquisition "conscripts" them, hurray!



Yes, blatantly stolen from "The All Guardsmen Party", what awesome reading btw! (sadly I couldn't find a specific map of the ship they were using)



I pretty much have an idea of what to throw at them..I just lack the ship layout knowledge. Ok 40k is a vast universe and you can get away with almost anything but I need some kind of "inspiration".


There is no map of a wh40k ship on the interwebs, or I couldn't find one (spent a morning looking for it!), I actually thought about stealing from the SWTOR (the mmorpg) dungeon or Alien 4 (the film), how did you guys get an idea of how to layout a ship?



TLDR: Where do I find a generic spaceship map/layout?





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