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Looking good!

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It looks a lot better if you repaint it.  the stock paint job is very 'flat'.   I boosted the colours on mine and they look loads better.



Personal fave looking ships are also luckily the ones i play most as they fit my play style.  A wings and Tie ints.



I did repaint mine, too (your original posting of these guys was what inspired me to do so), but there still is the issue of the turret just being flat and in some cases barely modelled. A modification could help, but that is beyond my abilities and equipment, not to mention that with the new paint they look fine. It just is not the best model.

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My favorites are 


YT-2400 - love asymmetric ships, this one in particular

T-70 X-Wing - Totally in love with the engines/wings and the throwback aspect of it

TIE Phantom - I like how it's wings are not just another variation of the normal TIE wings.  It definitely looks like what I would imagine.

TIE Interceptor - Mostly because of the video game nostalgia

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The Tie/FO. So sleek, and the little details really show how far FFG has come. The T-70 has some nice detailing too, but the wings feel a little... anemic to me.


After that... Well, I feel like a traitor for saying it, but the Assault Frigate Mk. 2. Just a beautiful, sleek yet powerful looking vessel. I think seeing it in the store is what sold me on armada.

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Y-Wing. Although not having the turret modeled on it kind of bums me, perhaps when my modelling skills get better it will spur me on to make my own custom turrets for them. 


I usually don't like the TIEs so much, but the Defender looks good on my desktop. Now, if only they would model the TIE Hunter at some point...

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Updated tally list:


























Yv 666-2

Some interesting observations:

1. Lotta love for the OT ships, however the t-70 is leading the t-65 in votes!

2. So far the interceptor is far and away the most popular miniature.

3. Lots of defender votes, which is one of the least used ships in play, makes you wonder if we see a card or two that offsets that steep point cost we might have a huge spike in defenders seen on the table!

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Defender was my favorite ship until the decimator came out. Absolutely fell in love with that thing.

Two of the top on my list.


I'll add the scyk to my list. (Would add the kihraxz but they used the wrong version.)


I wish I took more photos of my own from that game.


Hoping someday to add the Dunelizard, Kimogila, Ixiyen, Krayt, and Vaksai to the list.

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X Wing. I honestly didn't think anyone could improve on the classic T-65. T-70 made me seriously reconsider.....

Can one vote cover 2 ships?

If not, classic T-65


Much as love all the Rebel and Imperial ships my favorite is the classic X-Wing.  I mean, for crying' out loud, I'm 51 and I can happily stare at the damned thing forever!  :wub:

There's the love for the t-65! I was surprised the t-70 had more votes that the t-65, although I agree with you phocion the t-70 is great in its own right! The two x-wings are neck and neck now in the voting.

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1) B-wing
2) A-wing

3) E-wing (Blasphemy!!!)

4) Kihraxz

5) T-65

Honorable mentions: K-wing - don't really fancy the actual design on paper but boy does it look x10 better as a miniature.

I thought about including the T-70 cuz that design has really grown on me but I don't actually have it yet so I can't make a solid judgement but I do suspect it will make my top 5 list.

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