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Had to try it

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Why does the ISD have 4 command dials?

Looks like the middle one is upside down, making the stack taller. Cocky move, letting the enemy knowing your plans.

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Okay, so here's how it went down.  I had:

ISD II w/ Darth Vader, Gunnery Team, Heavy Turbolaser Turrets

2x Victory I

Gladiator I w/ Demolisher, Engine Tech, ACM


My opponent was running:
2x AF Mk II (don't know what version), 1 w/ Mon Mothma

1x MC30 (don't remember what version)

4x B-Wing

5x Y-Wing


I chose to be Player 1, and picked Dangerous Territory

Setup.  The game was pretty much decided at this point, with the Victory on my far right out of position to do anything.  I set it at speed 2 and left everything else at speed 1, going for the slow play option:


End of turn 1.  His fighter blob is a typical move, parking it in the middle to avoid the requirement of running fighter commands.  Just put them in the way and let the enemy come to you.



End of turn 2.  His Rhymer ball during Sullust wiped out my Victory II in one turn, so I wanted to avoid a repeat of that.  I decided I was going to jump ahead with my Gladiator using a combo of maneuver token and dial to hopefully spare it from the bombers.  Unfortunately this would put it in a horrible spot against his ships, but at least it would go down doing something rather than just dying uselessly.



End of turn 3.  My ships are still alive somehow although they've taken a lot of shield damage.  



Turn 4.  My ships are still alive again, but the Victory closest to the enemy has really taken a beating, as did my Gladiator.  At this point, I've changed to a "Well, I've already lost, let's see how much I can take out with me" mentality.



Turn 5.  Victory is gone, Gladiator is one damage card away from also being gone.  ISD is starting to take shield damage.  MC30 has escaped any damage at all due to Mon Mothma, Evades, and one of the title cards available to it.



Turn 6.  ISD unloaded on the AF in front of it, 3 accuracies locked down all of it's defense tokens, but it was 1 damage point shy of dying in the last turn / start of this turn.  ISD also had pretty much no shields left after redirects and damage from bombers.  After the AF2 shot it, the ISD had no more shields, and the 9 bombers needed to score 11 damage to kill it.  As you can see, they did.



Lessons taken away -

Vader is nice, but I'm not completely sold on him, especially in comparison to Screed.

Fighters are pretty much a necessity.  I'm thinking Rhymer will be even more valuable to Imperial fleets.

The MC30 is almost impossible to damage at range, especially with the title card that was used in the game.

More than 1 Victory may not be the best option against Rebels with the slow speed of the VSD.

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My plan with 1 ISD and 2 VSD is to let the VSDs hunt in packs. I would have deployed them next to each other, and the ISD on a flank. With Speed 3, it's more able to reposition and chase the enemy.

He really out maneuvered you here, didn't he? You can see in your 'Turn 4' picture your ships are all behind each other in a line trying to respond to him, while his ships are all crossing the front of that line with their broadsides exposed, punishing the ships in front. You could see how this was going to go already in the deployment phase. Quick question: How did the deployment go? Did he use his squadrons to force your deployment before he placed his ships? Did you guess what he was going to do when he started putting his ships on an angle like that, and how did you plan to respond?

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Yes, the deployment issue is as you described.  He placed 1 guppy then used squadrons to force me to place the rest of my fleet.  I'm not mad, it's how the game is.  I'm trying to decide to take out 1 Victory or the Gladiator to put the fighters in.  Or, run 1 ISD and 2 GSD (maybe the 2 named ships) and make the rest squadrons.  I haven't decided yet.

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I too, would ditch the Gladiator for some squadrons, but that's because I love the iconic triangle shape of the traditional Star Destroyers. Honestly the Demolisher is still great value for points, especially when you're the first player. You can see in this battle how it scootched in, unloaded some shots, then shot out again to swing around and have another go. Unfortunately she had no fleet support and wound up getting blown up, but it goes to show how dangerous the Demolisher can be.

I think it would be more efficient to drop one of the VSDs, keep the Demolisher, add in some squadrons and maybe some upgrades, and go from there.

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I got to play emsgoof today, and as an imperial player, I think that warlord with h9's as a ISD escort is good.  The warlord tricks in combination with the ISD anti squadron can be very brutal with gunnery teams. Demolisher, lurking as a QRF to punish the quick jab. Then a blob of squadrons to act as activation bumpers at deployment and dictate how rounds 4-6 will end. It was a great game and the dice didn't start to get hot for emsgoof until turn 5.  I had GT,  AP  on the AFb,  Foresight(auto include like Demolisher) and GT on the mc 30. 

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