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X-Wing vassal module v5.6.0 is now available

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For the original article (with complete set of images), read it at Team Covenant:


Usual links

X-Wing guide to installing and playing:  http://s93768914.onlinehome.us/xwing/

Module download page: http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Star_Wars:_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game

Tip jar: http://s93768914.onlinehome.us/pub2/500release/index.html

New art! Right off the bat!


  • Standard X-Wing (hue change) + Red 5 (Luke)
  • Nashtah Pup
  • Kirahxz std (hue changes) + Graz the Hunter + Black Sun Ace/Talonbane
  • Guardian Squadron + Esege + Miranda
  • Blue Squadron + Blue Squadron Vertical + Knave Squadron
  • Wild Space Fringer + Eaden Vrill

Cliffsnotes of what’s new with this one?

Some new pilots and cards from FFG’s preview of the Wave 8 Force Awakens expansions (TIE/fo and T-70 X-Wing).

Ships have more side action icons (introducing 2 new ones: bomb and illicit added) with a good many missing ones finally added in.

The dice window gets an overhaul with manual dice result additions and cancelling to take into account cards like Bossk, Crack Shot, Advanced Targeting Computer, etc. Everything is much more in sync with sozin’s Lady Luck website, which will better separate the true luck rolls with dice modifications (which will now be correctly counted).

A slew of new ship alt paint jobs by radarman5.

Last but not least, an enthusiastic fan of the single player campaign, “The Heroes of the Aturi Cluster” created by Josh Derksen has contacted me about vassal integration into the main module – to which I declined. It made far more sense to tutor him into making his own X-Wing module extension!

This is released immediately!


New roadmap of wave 8 + end of 2015

I was hoping for a new dial revealed in a preview on Monday, October 5th, but it was not to be. I’ll do something similar to what happened in June/July 2015 – create micro-releases whenever new stuff from wave 8 is added. Everyone who’s not interested by those ASAP (ie, players practicing for Worlds, for instance) can stick with this new v5.6.0 release until another medium-level update is released (which will be 5.7.0 eventually).

radarman5 continued his work on his crazy photoshop template which is used to make our reference cards now


In the mean time, for those who can’t get new stuff fast enough, I’ll release minor versions to account for new cards/ships/dials under these version numbers: v5.6.1, v5.6.2, etc. 


New Dice Window functionality

Step by step scenario with Bossk pilot with Crackshot


The dice window has received a few buttons that let you add [hit], [crit] and [evade] results on top of the dice. You can also cancel individual dice (with chatlog broadcast which declares who did it) and these new added results as well.

Let’s say we have an angry Bossk, equipped with crackshot and completely intent on using it at the first opportunity! Here’s the proper sequence of dice modification that will remove a bit of pressure into typing in everything that happens (ultimately, this will save time for both players).

First, we have Bossk getting that lucky 3 dice shot, including a crit die face.


Next, the 2 agility defense roll is average at best (ignore the fact that it’s me again rolling that one, I quickly produced these screenshots solo):


Happy with these results, Bossk decides to use his ability to pour in the damage. He mods the crit into a hit (shift-H on that die, or use the right click menu – this is an old feature that’s been here for a long time), then adds a totally new extra hit result with an image that will distinguish it from the rest of the real dice:


Finally, he uses Crack Shot to cancel an evade result.



I’ve done a few brainstorm sessions with sozin (creator of Lady Luck for those not aware) to make sure all of these are interpreted right in his luck vs modification analysis, and that they get picked up exactly by his Game Tape feature.

In order to streamline everything, using a focus token will no longer broadcast every single die change from [eye] to [hit] or [evade], it will simply say a focus token has been used.


Painfully done overhaul of the ship actions

I’ll let a big image speak for itself, this is what it all looks like now, Rebels + Imperials.


Notice the inclusion of the bomb action, for those times where it must be extra clear a ship has dropped a proximity mine, a Conner net or the like. A lot of these new action insertions were due to Cool Hand, which lets any ship that potentially has the Elite Talent slot to gain an evade. However, the rebel ships all being able to get a focus token and being flown around Jan Ors crew, also technically could gain access to an evade token.


The side action icons are never mandatory, but can help a player be very deliberate and precise on what each ship has done during a turn, as well as which token they carry. Of course, the big advantage to using those tokens is the ability to clear all the unused ones with one click of the map window button “Reset All Actions”, rather than manually remove them all. Of course, you can also use Pieces/Chits to indicate your stock of green tokens. The two styles usually coexist peacefully on Vassal.

Next, we have the S&V faction which, on top of getting access to a mountain of evade tokens through Cool Hand and a few bomb icons, also gets to declare an illicit action for preparation for the incoming Cloaking Device, as well as retroactively support stuff like Hot Shot Blaster. There might be other illicit cards with the “Action:” header, so the vassal module will be ready for them:


Cloaking Device also means every small S&V with the illicit slot has to gain the decloak functionality (automoves such as CTRL-9, SHIFT-CTRL-9 and token dropping alike such as ‘J’ and ‘K’). The cloaked state of a ship can keep being CTRL-G (referred to as “ghosting” on vassal):


Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – new Extension

In the Vassal launcher, you can right click on the x-wing module and select “Add Extension”. This is how you’ll install this whole new thing if the coop campaign interests you. All the creator needed to do was to import his graphic tiles in the Pieces Window and give it its own tab as you can see here:


Result: you’ll be able to play all the games in the campaign and go up against starbases and such (does it show that I’ve had no time at all to check out the campaign yet? Haha!). The placement order of the tiles places the structures and connectors of the star bases underneath the “function logos” (such as “Fuel Tank”, “Sensor Array”, “Turbolaser”). The most significant contribution I personally did was to tutor Daelius in the few steps he needed to respect while creating an extension + create from scratch his turbolaser firing arc.


This file will be maintained by him (my hands are plenty full trying to keep up with X-Wing as is), should there be a need for further versions. It can be downloaded from the same place you get the x-wing module (see link to the download page at the top of this article).






  • Pilots
    • Red Ace (T-70 X-Wing)
    • Omega Leader (TIE/FO Fighter)
  • Upgrades
    • Wired (Elite Talent) – better image
    • BB-8 (Droid) – better image
    • R5-X3 (Droid) – better image
    • Cool Hand (Elite Talent)
    • Juke (Elite Talent)
    • Integrated Astromech (Modification)
    • Comm Relay (Tech)
  • Integration of graphics: all of radarman5’s new ship designs (scaling, action icons, etc)
  • Action icon support on ships that can now profit from them to make the game up to par with today’s cards:
    • X-Wing gains evade (Jan Ors crew, Cool Hand)
    • Y-Wing (rebels) gains evade (Jan Ors crew, Cool Hand) and Bomb (Bomb Loadout)
    • A-Wing gains barrel roll (Jake Farrell)
    • B-Wing gains evade (Jan Ors crew, Cool Hand)
    • HWK-290 (rebels) gains evade (Jan Ors crew, Cool Hand)
    • Z-95 (rebels) gains evade (Jan Ors crew, Cool Hand)
    • K-Wing gains evade (Jan Ors crew, Cool Hand) and Bomb (native upgrade action)
    • T-70 X-Wing gains evade since it uses the same actions definition as the normal X-Wing
    • Firespray-31 (imperial) gains Bomb (native upgrade action)
    • TIE Bomber gains evade (Cool Hand) and Bomb (native upgrade action)
    • TIE Defender gains evade (Cool Hand)
    • VT-49 Decimator gains Bomb (native upgrade action) and loses barrel roll (if you use Expert Handling, use the Elite Talent icon instead)
    • TIE Punisher gains Bomb (native upgrade action)
    • Z-95 (S&V) gains evade (Cool Hand) and Illicit (Cloaking Device)
    • Y-Wing (S&V) gains evade (Cool Hand) and Bomb (Bomb Loadout)
    • HWK-290 (S&V) gains evade (Cool Hand) and Illicit (Cloaking Device)
    • StarViper gains Illicit (Virago + Cloaking Device)
    • Firespray-31 (S&V) gains Bomb (native upgrade action) and Illicit (future proofing)
    • Aggressor gains Bomb (native upgrade action) and Illicit (future proofing) and loses barrel roll (if you use Expert Handling, use the Elite Talent icon instead)
    • Kirahxz gains evade (Cool Hand) and Illicit (Cloaking Device)
    • YV-666 gains evade (Cool Hand), loses barrel roll (if you use Expert Handling, use the Elite Talent icon instead)
    • JumpMaster5000 (Place holder) gains Illicit (future proofing)
  • New gameplay mechanism, following an embryo of an idea from ravncat + sozin, the dice window now has the following additions and changes:
    • Add Hit, Add Crit and Add Evade result buttons
    • These buttons add a differently shaped diamond icon with the corresponding result at the rightmost end of the dice results currently shown. They are used for effects such as:
      • Spending an evade token
      • Using Bossk’s pilot ability of modifying a crit into a hit and getting an additional hit
      • Adding C-3P0’s ability to add an evade result when you guess correctly
      • Add a crit result when you use Advanced Targeting Computer
    • Their color is sufficiently different to distinguish them from dice rolls
    • Their chatlog behavior will now completely mark them as different from the raw roll for the purposes of Lady Luck ( http://sozin.pythonanywhere.com/new)
    • Spending a focus token will now only broadcast that you did so in 1 line, instead of also adding an extra line for every individual line in the chatlog (which will be easier to parse for Lady Luck).
    • If you ever misclick one of these ‘Add x’ buttons by mistake, you could click on the undo button. Or, you could select the die and do CTRL-D (or right click) to cancel it. Lady Luck will parse that correctly.
    • If you want to deliberately delete any std die, CTRL-D will delete it (or use the right click menu) and the chatlog will emit a broadcast that you did so. This is to account for Crackshot and future cards, where a result is manually deleted.
  • Tutored Daielus into making his own vassal extension for the coop campaign “Heroes of the Aturi Cluster” + created a .svg file to create a range 1-2-3-4 firing arc for his turbolaser turret.

Bug squashing:

  • (WAS ANNOUNCED AS SUCH LAST UPDATE, BUT THE IMAGE SWAP WASN’T MADE) VT-49 Decimator movement reference card: finally, the attack value features a circular arrow indicating a main turret weapon
  • (WAS ANNOUNCED AS SUCH LAST UPDATE, BUT THE IMAGE SWAP WASN’T MADE) YT-2400 movement reference card: same deal, turret weapon icon added
    ….and same treatment for the K-Wing reference card.
  • Ship token for TIE/FO Fighter had the wrong 4th green action icon on its base graphic – it was a boost, now is a barrel roll.


  • Additions
    • Designed 5 versions of the new “add hit”, “add crit”, “add evade” button and result icons in the dice window
    • New action icons on ships that support them:
      • Bomb
      • Illicit
    • New hue change (less blue) for the basic X-Wing ship graphic
    • New art for the following ships
      • X-Wing Red 5 (Luke)
      • Kihraxz Cartel Marauder (new, better version)
      • Kihraxz Graz the Hunter
      • Kihraxz Black Sun Ace (can also be used for Talonbane Cobra)
      • Blue B-Wing
      • Blue B-Wing vertical
      • Z-95 Nashtah Pup
      • YT-2400 WSF
      • YT-2400 Eaden
      • K-Wing Guardian
      • K-Wing Esege
      • K-Wing Miranda
      • E-Wing Knave
    • Integrated images for placeholder movement reference cards for the following ships:
      • Ghost
      • Attack Shuttle
      • TIE Adv. Prototype
      • JumpMaster 5000
      • G-1A Transport
      • Gozanti


    • Slight resize and cleanup of the new added hit, crit and evade results
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Incredible!   Love the new dice roller, also great job on the paint schemes.


The one thing I would like see is different colors for different IG's.   So blue, orange, I forget the colors on their cards, but that would be nice to make it easier to tell them apart.

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Incredible!   Love the new dice roller, also great job on the paint schemes.


The one thing I would like see is different colors for different IG's.   So blue, orange, I forget the colors on their cards, but that would be nice to make it easier to tell them apart.




A quick fix now would be to use the Mirror Match colored dots (CTRL-M to cycle through your choices).

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