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Bloody dagger question

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Items allow you to perform skills printed on them, in contrast to your class skills these are transferable by transfering the item to another player. Netherless they represent skills, so no, you can not suffer a damage to activate the Bloody Dagger skill.

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While I think your conclusion is correct, Funkfried, I think there is a better justification.

The trigger for this ability, "during your turn, you may suffer 1 fatigue to..." is the exact same trigger as gaining additional MP, which we already know cannot be triggered if you are exhausted.

In general, if you are paying a fatigue directly as the trigger ("suffer a fatigue to..."), you must actually pay a fatigue, and cannot suffer it as damage. However, when the fatigue suffering is the result of another trigger, ("if you do X, you must suffed a fatigue...") then it can be done as a damage if necessary. For examples:

-Runic Knowledge: the trigger is spending a surge, not suffeding fatigue.
-Web: the trigger is moving out of a space.
-Freezing: moving into a space

So as not to be confusing, all skills, even if they are "exhaust this card to do X" or "when Y, exhaust this card to do X", are "suffer [cost] TO do X...", so it ends up requiring actual fatigue.

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