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(Casual squad, doesn't have to be tourney competitive - just looking for some ideas)


Basic idea, Esege and Dutch use their abilities to provide a third ship with the benefit of free target lock and focus every turn.


- Esege w/ Recon Specialist (31)

- Dutch (23)

- Presumably I'd want a turret on both so they can help a little - either Ion or TLT. That's another 10-12 points, totalling 64-66 so far.


I usually just throw stuff together and see what happens but for some reason I'm struggling to making a decision here - can't work out on whether to put everything else (34-36) points into a 3rd ship (and what ship...) or keep some additional for the K/Y e.g. R2 / R5-K6 on Dutch, or some ordnance perhaps seeing as I'll have spare TL/Focus laying about at times


Some of the thoughts I've had are:

- Can't use anything too fast as the 3rd ship needs to stay in range of the K/Y)

- Seeing as it won't need to use TL/Focus, but will be dealing most of the damage from one source, I need an action on the third ship to really make the most of the support every round)

- Ions might be better than the TLT, as delaying enemy ships from returning fire (by controlling their dial) will probably be important


Leaning towards a B, but not sure who...


Anyway, thought I'd ask the community for some suggestions - maybe get some ideas flowing and take it from there


other info that might be useful

- I have original base, and 1 of each rebel expansion apart from Z-95. transport and corvette (no force awakens)

- I only have rebel expansions (a mate collects imperial) so can't use upgrades that only come with Imp ships


any thoughts?

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