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Which preview will be out today?

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Well, perhaps we'll get some news soon? Las week the CSCL Indian Ocean ran aground near Hamburg and was only today towed free. After inspection it should be able to continue its journey to Hamburg and Rotterdam after that to unload its cargo of 19000 containers.


Given that there have been people posting hands-on videos of the Punishing One expac in Germany for like two weeks, and there have been French-language unofficial spoilers for just as long, I doubt it.  Plus, I understand that the minis usually are dropped off and warehoused until release in the EU, and then the ship(s) continue(s) on to the US.  It's much more likely that Winter Snowpocalypse has delayed the release than this.



The video came from a toy and gamesfair, not retailers directly, so preview copies wouldn't be unlikely, as much as it's possible that someone from Asmodee HQ leaked the french language ones. 


Wouldn't it be more logical to ship to Europe and the US on separate ships? China to, most likely, Rotterdam or Marseille and then to the US seems a bit off.


Not saying that this is the ship of course, though with 19000 containers worth there's a good chance. :P.

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If I was the FFG employee in charge of the articles. I would release a preview, but not actually preview anything.


Some people just want to watch the world burn.

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Even though Dengar is one of the most ridiculous characters in Star Wars.

He's gloriously ridiculous.


But I think it's definitely clear that something has gone horribly wrong with their distribution schedule to have his update delayed this long.


if this is the case then they should tell us, once again their communication is garbage, and 2 articles just went up, not for X-wing

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