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Which preview will be out today?

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FA expansions? Or getting started with the other wave 8 ships (Mist Hunter perhaps? Or is spoiling how the tractor beam too much too soon?)

All I know is that I've got my next version of the vassal module *almost* ready to quickly incorporate a new ship with a known dial. Failing the apparition of the dial, there are other features that will be useful anyway.

If FFG releases a preview per week, I'll match it with minor versions every week. But November is looming close, so does this mean previews on Monday and Friday?

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I doubt Wave 8 will drop this year but hey, if it does then I know my Christmas list already!

They will draw out the previews. I agree they'll start quite soon. It's been the usual six weeks between announcement and first preview. I'll call them in this order:

Gozanti Epic Upgrade Preview

Ghost pilot/dial Preview and a few upgrades

Phantom Pilot/dial Preview and remaining upgrades in that set

T70 Expansion Pilot/upgrades

Gozanti TIE Fighter Preview

TIE Adv Prototype Pilot/upgrades Preview

Mist Hunter Preview and Tractor Beam reveal

Final Gozanti Preview IE missions and whatever is left

Gozanti releases

Punishing One Pilots/dial/some upgrades

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I want to know what the Guidance Core (I don't think the next letter looks tall enough to be an "H" so chip doesn't work) does.  And maybe more importantly, what it costs.  Modification is sort of a crowded upgrade slot but this could be the final upgrade that makes missiles and torps effective.


I know some folks have missed this but seeing as how the Punishing One comes with two of these upgrades and the ship has two torp and no missile slots, the first line of this card has to read "When attacking with a torp or..."

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I kind of doubt the FA expansions will get previews. Pretty much everything was revealed in the article, apart from that one mech and a couple of pilots. The usually keep some things secret until the release date.

Well, usually they like to do a thing with each new release where they go over some of cooler combos the stuff in the expansion pack brings to the game.


With both the FA Core Set article and the Expansion Packs article, they limited all their combos to the cards came with those sets.


I'd like to see FFG release articles that have the new ships with old upgrades on them, and vice versa.

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