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Vassal Wave 1 send off tounrnament results

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Looks like there are quite a few unplayed games.


What happens if a game doesn't take place?

I guess we call it a draw...

I was hoping we would not need to but a couple players seem unresponsive (in that case we can give 8-2 byes to the responsive players)

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A draw or a bye, depending circumstances. Seems fair.

Draws? Byes? Pod Four craves not these things.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Pod 4 had 2 draws.   :P
sssshhhhut uuuuup...




Not going to lie, I do find it slightly hilarious that I am in 2nd in the pod with 20 pts and a 1-2 record.

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Outstanding games


Pod 1: 3 games

Pod 2: 2 games

Pod 3: 5 games

Pod 4: 0 games (well done folks!)

Pod 5: 5 games


So exactly 15 of 30 games have yet to been played. Which is virtually unchanged for the past week. Time to get moving folks! :D

Pooood Foouuurrr.... It's the pooood you looove to toooouuuuch... but you musn't toooouuuuch...

(sung to the "Max Power" theme, in case that wasn't obvious :P )

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**** you Motti!

At 400pts, Motti really comes into his own. Pretty sure I had ships down to 2 hull in all my games, dead if not for the plucky Admiral. :)



When I see Motti in a 300 pt list, I get the urge to just give up. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I see hit at a 400 pt game without the MCs to help

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