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Imperial Fleet Build for Sullust (Need Opinons)

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I'm planning on going to the Massing at Sullust tournament, but I've never played in an Armada tournament before. I've also had very few chances to play against other players ever since picking up the core set when it came out last spring. So my skill against other players is very little.


I don't expect to win the tournament, but I'll be trying my best to see how far I get. I've got an Imperial fleet build but I need a couple of opinions on what looks like it might work and what could be switched up a bit. I've read up on some other forum posts to get an idea of what kinds of things work, but I haven't been able to put any of it into real practice (aside from a handful of games against myself). I don't quite know what the Armada meta is right now (through I hear Mon Mothma and lots of CR90s are pretty powerful), but I want to try and be prepared as best as I can for what I could go up against.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Victory II-class Star Destroyer

- Grand Moff Tarkin

-Gunnery Team

- Expanded Hanger Bay

- Overload Pulse

- Warlord


Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer

- Wulff Yularen

- Gunnery Team

- Engine Techs

- Assault Concussion Missiles

- Demolisher



- "Mauler" Mithel

- Soontir Fel

- TIE Interceptor Squadron



- Most Wanted

- Contested Outpost

- Dangerous Territory


Total Point Cost: 290


Early Thoughts

The point of the fleet build is to have my Gladiator running about, hunting down and possibly flanking other ships. Get in close and really use the black dice to my advantage whenever possible. I chose a Victory-II to try and make up for the lack of range my Gladiator has, and to not be torn to pieces at long and medium range if I had chosen the Victory-I instead.


The objectives I chose were made to work to, what I believed, to be my advantage. Imperials have the tougher ships and it seems easier for them to destroy other ships (Most Wanted) or stay in one area (Contested Outpost) than to go chasing around after objectives. I chose Dangerous Territory for my third objective since it would be nice to not have to focus on maneuvering around obstacles and instead plow through them harmlessly to get to the second players ships or other objectives.


Squadrons are where I'm having the most trouble. I was planning on having more of a fighter screen instead of focusing on bombers because I figured my ships could do the heavy hitting for me. But three squadrons does not make a fighter screen (or so it feels like). I'm considering dropping some of the unique pilots for more generic TIE fighter squadrons, but I don't know what the typical ratio of squadrons to ships is right now.


Oh, and I'm not sure running at only 290 fleet points is too aggressive for initiative. I can either add another TIE fighter squadron or add an upgrade or two to my Victory-II. If I only run the three squadrons, I could also drop Expanded Hanger Bay on the Vic-II in favor of a more useful upgrade.

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Update to this list. Decided to switch some things out for more ships and a larger fighter screen at the expense of losing some upgrades.


Victory-I Class Star Destroyer

- Grand Moff Tarkin


Victory-I Class Star Destroyer


Gladiator Class Star Destroyer

- Wulff Yularen

- Engine Techs

- Demolisher



- TIE Fighter Squadron x4


Objectives (same).


Total Point Cost: 297


Still would love a bit of feedback. I playtested the fleet against a rebel ship-heavy build with Dangerous Territory selected as the objective. Would have lost from the rebels gaining more objective tokens and fleeing, but caught an Assault Frigate MK-IIA with my Victory's and destroyed it for the win. I'm still unsure how this fleet will do against a fighter heavy fleet.

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Update #2. Made a just a couple changes to try and be better prepared for both Rebel and Imperial lists for the event.


Traded out Grand Moff Tarkin for Admiral Motti. I had chosen Tarkin as my admiral because my inexperience made selecting the correct command order in my command dials difficult, and I found I was revealing a command I didn't want or need at critical points in the game. Now having played a few more games as imperials and getting a much better feel for how imperial ship command dials should be set up, I think I can trade out Tarkin for Motti. The extra command tokens are really nice, but I think I can manage without this time. Plus, Tarkin seems to work better when my ships have Weapon or Defense liasons equipped, instead of just Tarkin alone.



1x Soontir Fel

1x TIE Interceptor

2x TIE Fighter


Total Points: 296

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