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New Nova Squadron Podcast has our ol' buddy Alex Davey mentioning something...

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EDIT: DOH! IT's Scum and Villany, not Nova Squadron. I listen to too many X-wing podcasts. :(



...Particularly how 'you'll notice that it takes up the Mod slot, not the Title'.


He also says that '[He] can't talk too much about the future' and that it's an X-wing fix, not the X-wing fix.


Rogue Aces pack confirmed? :P

I think he was talking about BB-8 because the podcast only mentions what was in the new Core set. I think this may have been recorded before the EpVII expansion packs were out.

No they talked about the spoiled expansion packs too. Alex was pretty specific saying he envisions the real "fix" coming in an Aces pack and implied that it would be designed once they get a better idea of where the meta winds up following all of the stuff that just came out/is coming.

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