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Dunwich Horror, Warding

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Hello guys.


Hope you can help me clear something up. Me and some friends have been playing Call of the Wild, and I was the Keeper for the Dunwich Horror story.


On the investigator booklet, in this story, it says the Dunwich Horror is warded regardless of where it is, which means it can't be moved or stunned by the investigators.


Just before I could get the Dunwich Horror to the center of the Hilltop and win, one of the investigators attacked it, and due to being successful, it hurt my creature 1 and it also said "you can move the enemy 1 space". Because I temporarily forgot about the warding, I let them move my Dunwich Horror (which in turn was all they needed to do to get it far enough to kill it before I could win)


My question is, when it says a creature is warded, does that mean it can't be move no matter what by the investigators (using items, or character abilities or through combat or events, etc)?




does it mean only when its a character ability / item (meaning there are still certain situations it can be moved, if so what are these situations.)?


we've been trying to decide who should have won this game as me (the Keeper) and my friends (The Investigators) are interpreting the rule differently with how it's written down. Do you think you could help us resolve this conflict?


Thank you in Advance

I really appreciate it :)

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Given my experience, the more the investigators lose, the less likely they are to come back and play again, so you may want to consider simply conceding and letting them have this one. ;)


Now, with my personal opinion out of the way, I shall give my interpretation of the rules. I have not actually played this scenario, but reading it, it seems to me that warded is a condition that the monsters have. This condition has 2 effects on the monsters under 2 different circumstances. First, regardless of any other effects, monsters that are warded can never be moved or stunned by investigators, no matter what. Second, as long as there is still a lock in place on the ritual site, IN ADDITION TO being immune to stun and being moved, warded monsters can not be attacked and can not take damage from any source. But once that lock is removed, warded monsters can be attacked and can take damage, but they still can't be moved or stunned by investigators. In this scenario, the Dunwich Horror is ALWAYS warded.


In your specific situation, your Dunwich Horror was moved by an investigator. This shouldn't have happened. A warded monster can only be moved by the keeper. A warded monster can not be moved by anything involving the investigators, such as investigator abilities, items like "Ashcan" Pete's guitar, or combat cards that tell the investigators to move a monster. So it sounds like you would have won, my friend.


So now, I guess the question you must answer yourself is, "do you take away their victory with a backsies?" 

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