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Flying Kavil and scum

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I second (or third) the Kavil build with the Unhinged Astromech and Autoblaster Turret.


I typically play with two friends in 3 way battles and Kavil is by far my most reviled pilot because with the autoblaster and extra damage he's really effective at neutralizing their more agile ships. 


I haven't used him since the new wave hit (I was on vacation and now I'm busy having fun with Bossk and Khiraxs) but he's a solid go to.  I will grant that typically we play a 3 way 70 point game so it limits upgrades somewhat but really, that Kavil build is simple and effective.  Add another upgrade or two and he's potent.


I'd probably pair him with some star vipers or khiraxs as the M3-As are a bit on the squishy side (but that would probably be less of an issue in 100 point games).  Although if you're looking for pure swarm then the star vipers would be a bit expenseive but even just a base star viper can be fairly potent.

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I ran this list in our monthly store tournament, and lost every game.  :)   (Keep in mind I don't tend to win much, and I am still learning a lot with every game)


HOWEVER, that has more to do with my skill as a pilot than anything else.  I didn't a chance to play it in casual last week, so I was cold and didn't know what I was doing till the end.


1st Game - I set it up poorly, and Kavil was out of the fight for most of it.  Plus he had Echo, it was a slaughter.

2nd Game - I set up better, and accounted for myself much better.  I lost again, but due to some bad luck and poor flying.

3rd Game - MUCH better.  My opponent had a 3 ship imperial with Echo, and I had all his ships down to 1 point.  Just slightly better luck, and I would have wiped him.  It was a good game, and I felt much better.

4th Game - still lost, but I felt like i was just starting to understand how to fly the group of ships.  


Oddly enough the Banana Zeds (Z95) were really effective.  I was rolling 2 hits every time with them, it was pretty crazy.    The Kirahaz ended up being a great decoy, however you spell or pronounce it, I ended up calling it Siracha by the end of the game because no one said it the same way twice.  


All in all it was a fun list to fly.  


As far as changes go, I would either lose the TLT, or double up on it.  One TLT alone was not enough to make a difference.  Two TLT Y's, and Kavil would probably do really well.  



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