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Background rebel heroes

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Hi all,


Anyone know where to find more info about the rebel heroes? Would be nice to have a background story in order to know how they came to join the Rebel Alliance or their motivations.... 


PS: I'm playing on making a campaign that will take place before the core campaign. Kinda like "Star Wars Imperial Assault: Origins"



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FFG have kept their backgrounds deliberately vague (I imagine to let players feel like the characters are there own). Here's what we know:


  • Fenn: Alderaan born, fought to free Onderon from the Empire.
  • Diala: Padawan of a jedi called Sho-Yen (who Vader killed).
  • Garkhan: Had a brother called Jirit who owed a life debt to Shortatha and died.
  • Gideon: Experienced special force commander, left his unit amid accusations of treachery.
  • Jyn: Smuggler betrayed by a trandoshan named Szark.
  • Mak: Failed to destroy an imperial training facility, hasn't let go.
  • Saska: underworld mechanic.
  • Biv: Really hates the empire (I don't have Twin Shadows so I can't give you much here).

If you want to set up a prequel I suggest you either make your own headcannon or just leave it.


Here are aspects of the headcannon that I'm gradually establishing (for inspiration, though you can lift them if you want, they're hardly original):

  • Diala sold out her Master to allow her own escape (and consequently has an obscene guilt complex).
  • Mak was raised as a weapon in the imperial training facility.
  • Biv is a renegade clone.

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Idea for Fenn --> Born on Alderaan, Fenn is filled with anger and hate as he learns of the destruction of Alderaan by the Death Star. Along with other Alderaans, Fenn takes up arms to confront the Empire. However the brutal force of the Empire is too massive and Fenn gets captured. Aboard a Star Destroyer, Fenn is put togheter with some Rebel Soldiers. It doesn't take long for them to convice Fenn to fight alongside the Rebel Alliance. They manage to break out of their prison, but will they also make it out alive the Star Destroyer?


This scenario will give the Rebel player control of Fenn and the Rebel Troopers. Their mission is to exit the Star Destroyer before a certain amount of rounds. The Rebel Troopers that survive will be allies in further missions. The Imperial player his objective is to either a) wound Fenn and kill all the Rebel Soldiers or b) at the end of a certain round if Fenn hasn't moved off the map.


No matter the outcome of play, Fenn will make it off the Star Destroyer and join the Alliance nevertheless. However, the more soldiers he can bring along, the easier his revenge will come to the ones who destroyed his homeplanet.  

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I've spent more time on the "Making the Band" backstory on how the crew came together.

Gideon is the common denominator.

I left their broad backstory details alone.

Now Fenn is either a former member or the relative of a member of Gideon's SABER team (or whatever they're called). He doesn't trust Gideon, but Organa's daughter personally recruited him, and this way he can keep an eye on Gideon. Plus, the princess promised this team would see action where it mattered, and that appealed more than guarding a base on some remote planet while the Alliance Fleet got all the glory.

Gaarkhan's father was freed by SABER team. He doesn't owe Gideon a life debt, but he follows him anyway. He's fiercely loyal and hates the Empire. He also dislikes the way Fenn talks to the Commander and occasionally ponders if Argus' second needs both arms to combat the Empire effectively. Also... Fenn can't understand a word he says.

Diala's master knew Gideon before the Jedi Purge. Argus feels he owes her old master and has looked after her from a distance. He feels bad about recruiting her into this war, but her abilities will be needed. She's the next best thing to having a Jedi in the unit.

Jyn's an odd duck, as she was unknown to the rest of the team before. She only recently joined the Alliance, but apparently someone vouched for her (Solo) because the last member of Alderaan's family personally approached her to join this team. Initially the plan was for her to be their pilot because her ship was fast and capable of fooling Imperial scanners (this makes her an easy tie in for a joint IA/X-Wing campaign).

Mak is the silent assassin added to the group for political reasons. Argus knows his trainer, but not his motives and distrusts Bothans in general. Fenn appreciates Mak's skill though and considers him the only member with a proper military background. On his own, Mak is a spy sent to ascertain the trustworthiness and commitment of the Alliance high command. Since Organna herself seemed to have influence over this team he played his cards right to be assigned.

I haven't worked on the other two team members yet. Haven't had much chance to play since I got Twin Shadows.

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