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Bossk Ability

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Allso note that it's not enough to roll a crit to be able to use his ability. The attack has to actualy "hit" first.


An attack is only a "hit" if there are uncanceled hit and/or crit results after you compare results (after opponent has rolled his defence dice and canceled your hits/crits with his evades).

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So curious question:

Bossk shoots with an Autoblaster upgrade:  Hit-Hit-Crit

Defender rolls: Blank-Blank but has an evade token.  The evade token adds to his defense dice, and autoblaster cannon lets you cancel crits.

So would the resolution go:

The attack hits - Bossk player chooses to change Crit to Hit-Hit - Evade is worthless at this point?  

Or would the evade token evade the Crit, making Bossk's ability never able to kick in?

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The resolution would be:

  1. Attacker rolls <hit> <hit> <crit>
  2. Defender rolls blank-blank and adds <evade> result (via the token)
  3. Compare results, <hits> can't be evaded due to Autoblaster, so only the <crit> is evaded.
  4. Result = Attack hits with 2 x <hit> results
  5. NOW Bossk checks ability, did the attack hit? Yesy. Are there any <crits> to convert? No, so his ability doesn't come into play.
  6. End result = 2 damage only from the originally rolled <hit> results

A lot of players assume that his ability is a dice modification, which it really isn't as it happens outside the normal dice modification steps of the attack. You only check his ability after you compare results and establish whether you've hit or not.

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