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Crystal Geyser

New Daemon Vessel Talents

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I made a selection of new Daemonic Talents for characters with the Daemon Vessel Elite Advance by taking abilities from the Dark Heresy Core Rulebook and Creatures Anathama, and adapting them for player usage. Let me know what you think! Note that the availability of these traits is dependent on the type of daemon by which the character is possessed – Daemons of Khorne, for example, would be capable of bestowing the Blood for the Blood God Daemonic Talent, but not the Deadly Allure Daemonic Talent.


Blood for the Blood God (Khorne): The daemon vessel suffer no penalties from gore and blood—all critical hit effects involving gore and blood (such as requiring an Agility test not to fall over) do not apply to the daemon vessel.

Collar of Khorne (Khorne): The daemon vessel does not suffer extra damage from the Psy Rating of a wielder of a force weapon. In addition, any Psychic Powers used against the daemon vessel have their Threshold increased by 10. The Daemon Vessel’s Daemonic trait is not ignored by force weapons unless the wielder succeeds at a Difficult (-10) Willpower Test.

Deadly Allure (Slaanesh): Living creatures that look upon or are engaged in combat with a Daemon Vessel must succeed on a Willpower Test each Round or can only take a Half Action that Round.

Enrapturing Warp–song (Slaanesh): The Daemon Vessel moans constantly, enrapturing all. All who hear his or her warp–song directly must succeed in an Opposed Willpower Test or become Stunned for one Round. In each Round spent Stunned whilst hearing the warp–song, a further Opposed Willpower Test must be made: failure leads to rapture and the gain of 1d5 Insanity Points. Anyone who takes appropriate precautions (such as stuffing wax in one’s ears) gains a +10 bonus to both Willpower Tests. Once a victim has been Stunned for three consecutive Rounds, he or she falls under the Daemon Vessel’s control and is now enslaved to his or her will until pulled from the brink or the Daemon Vessel is destroyed. A controlled subject gains +5 Strength and Toughness, the Awareness Skill, and the Fearless and Melee Weapon Training (Unarmed, Primitive) Talents. A controlled subject can be recovered by covering their ears or otherwise removing the sound of the warp–song. They will return to sanity in 1d5 Rounds.

Flames of Change (Tzeentch): Any creature wounded by one of the daemon vessel’s pyromancy psychic attacks must succeed at an Ordinary (+10) Willpower Test or gain 1D5 Corruption Points.

Fire of Tzeentch (Tzeentch): The Daemon Host is immune to Perils of the Warp.

Fuelled By Slaughter (Khorne): Every time the Daemon Vessel kills a living creature, it heals 1d10 points of Damage.

Furious Impact (Khorne): Instead of performing a normal charge, the Daemon Vessel may instead use Furious Impact. When using Furious Impact, the Daemon Vessel moves its normal charge distance in a straight line towards a single target. If the Daemon Vessel engages the target, that target and any targets, friend or foe, within 1 metre of the original target suffer 1d10+10 Impact Damage. The target and any other targets hit by this attack may make a Dodge Reactions as normal to avoid the damage. The Daemon Vessel does not need to roll to hit in order to use Furious Impact. Furious Impact may only be used once every other Round.

The Hunt (any): One target of the Daemon Vessel’s choosing will be sensed by Daemon Vessel when within 20 metres of a portal (any door, archway, or other method used by people to traverse an enclosing wall). The Daemon Vessel may choose to instantaneously materialize through that portal, whether it is open or closed, and begin the hunt. Sealing a portal with pentagrammic wards will prevent any emergence of the Daemon Vessel. A Daemon Vessel may only Hunt one target at a time.

Mask of Seduction (Slaanesh): When the daemon vessel so chooses, it masks its hideous appearance. While clothed by seductive, shifting forms, any Fear Traits gained by use of other Daemonic Talents does not apply.

Mercifully Indistinct (any): The daemon vessel appears as an indistinct haze. Attacks against it are made with a –10 penalty unless the attacker is at point-blank range.

Infected Wounds (Nurgle): Any limb-amputating injuries inflicted by the Daemon Vessel automatically become infected, causing death to the target if they do not receive medical attention.

Scourge of Sensation (Slaanesh): The daemon vessel unleashes a directed flood of the most terrible visions, torments, and ecstasies. Victims standing in the direction of the daemon vessel’s attention must succeed in an Opposed Willpower Test each Round in order to act. With each failed Test, a victim gains 1d5 Insanity Points.

Spirit Form (any): The Daemon Vessel is invisible to normal sight, although it can be seen normally via Psyniscience, and detected by devices that can register warp disturbance. Those without this ability may still sense the unclean spirit’s presence with a Difficult (-10) Awareness Test if in its immediate area. This registers as a feeling of deep unease, a sudden chill or an unaccountable foul stench.

Warp Corrosion (any): The daemon vessel consumes its own will to melt the target. On a successful attack, the daemon vessel suffers 1d10 damage and coats the victim in seething warp-matter. In that and the next following Round, the target suffers 1d10 additional damage. Armor is reduced in value by the damage taken from Warp Corrosion until it is gone, eaten away. The victim must succeed in a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test each Round to do anything other than scream in horror and agony. The warp- matter only dissipates when the daemon vessel is exorcised or slain. The victim suffers 1d5 Corruption points every time he suffers damage from Warp Corrosion.

Warp Stepping (any): The Daemon Vessel can teleport over short distances, and can increase that distance by consuming the souls of others. Normally, the Daemon Vessel can teleport up to 10 metres as a Half Action. The Daemon Vessel can teleport double that distance for each soul it has consumed in the past year as a Full Action. If the Daemon Vessel has consumed more than 100 souls in the past year, it can spend two Rounds in concentration (may take no other actions) and can teleport to any planet within the system. The GM and player should work together to track the number of souls consumed by the Daemon Vessel upon acquiring the Elite Advance – a Daemon Vessel counts having consumed a soul if it slays a living creature in close combat while making use of its Daemonic Presence trait.

Virulent (Nurgle): A victim who suffers damage from the Daemon Vessel’s unarmed melee attacks must pass an Ordinary (+10) Toughness Test or contract a virulent disease (The nature of the disease is at the GM’s discretion). A diseased victim loses 1d5 points of Toughness permanently.

Vomit (Nurgle): As a Half Action, a Daemon Vessel may vomit on any adjacent victim. It must succeed on a Ballistic Skill Test to hit its foe. The target may Dodge the spew but may not Parry it. On a successful hit, the vomit deals 1d10+5 Damage. In lieu of Critical Damage, the vomit deals 3d10 points of Toughness Damage to the victim’s Toughness Characteristic.


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