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Confirmation on Giant's Heavy Swing

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When rolling crowns against a unit that's not yet been damaged (kind of reverse flesh ripper), the giant can cause 1 retreat and 1 wound.

Since dice are committed to effects before damage is suffered, a giant rolling 3 or more crowns could wipe a unit of 3 models completely out.


Is this a correct interpretation?

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Reading the reference sheet that comes with Mountain Giant, it sounds like you could commit 3 heroic results to cause 3 retreats to a single adjacent unit, but it would still only suffer 1 damage if it was undamaged at the start of the attack. The bold sentence below is the reason I interpret it this way. Otherwise I'd agree with you. I wouldn't mind some clarification myself on this one.


"When a player resolves an attack for a unit with the Heavy 

Swing ability, he may commit any number of [heroic] die results to 
cause one retreat each to an adjacent enemy unit. If a unit is 
reatreated by Heavy Swing, and has not suffered damage prior 
to this combat, it suffers one damage.
•  The player may use the Heavy Swing ability on the target unit.
•  Each [heroic] die result may be commited to cause one retreat to a 
different enemy unit adjacent to the attacking unit."
Edited by Budgernaut

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Part of my confusion was relying on a BoardGameGeek posting about the rule as though it was verbatim.

I'd only used/faced the giant once and we applied Budgernaut's interpretation.

It was only after I read a thread on BGG that I started second-guessing.


Agree with Budgernaut completely now that we have the txt for direct reference.

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