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Vor Trex

Combining old and new

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Couple of months ago I bought the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game. Got in three games with just the Core set before finding out that a new, Force Awakens, Starter Set was being released. Though cautious at first, once a few previews were posted in the news I knew I wanted to get it. Having just read the latest two, I've no regrets.

This is my plan for combining old and new. I'd be interested in reading yours.


Today I ordered what will now be my sixth Tie Fighter. Though I'm among those whose set his sights on twelve New Order Ties, the older models will still find a use.

Gaming: the old Ties will perform one of two purposes. Cheap distraction is one idea, using Academy Pilots to be a first wave to keep the enemy busy while the new Ties move in for the kill. The other idea, and I already have 120 points list, is the named pilots. Looking through my cards today, I saw six and shortly afterwards ordered a sixth Tie.

Narrative: when playing out a narrative based game/campaign, the old Ties will be used for patrol craft, planetary/station defense or the ships given to new recruits. No point wasting credits right.


OK, this one might retire to the shelf. I'll get in a couple of games with it, as I have a couple of weeks wait for the FA Starter, but after that it'll be resigned from service.


Currently I own the Millennium Falcon and Outrider. On it's way, alongside the sixth Tie, is a HWK-290. Next on my radar are the Empire Firespray and Ghost & Phantom, before Force Awakens expansions. They will see a lot of use. I'd like to get the two Epics, the Transport and Corvette, but these are likely to finish the "Original Trilogy" collection.


I'm going to combine them. I know the new deck is an improvement, but I'd like to shuffle both decks together and see what happens.


I'm learning to play with the old rules, but I'm going to play using the new rules as they do appear to be a good improvement.


Spare counters, markers, templates and tokens are never a bad thing. Wish I didn't buy extra dice, but at least I'll have spares.


I'm pleased FFG gives previews in advance of releases. It allows players the choice to plan ahead. Or at least I find that to be the case. From today's previews, it seems that the Force Awakens Starter is a separate game that can be combined with older models. Not sure you can use new ships in the old game. Might have to reread or wait for clarification. But those who don't want the new starter, but enjoy tournaments, can download the new rules for free.

Personally, I'll be playing new with some old ships.

I'd be interested to read your plans for the future.

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