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Glossary of Armada slang & abbreviations

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What about MSU? I've seen that a good bit recently, and think it's Multi Ship *?





It's a minis game bit of slang, with the idea being that having multiple activations from numerous smaller entities gives the controlling player advantages over enemies running less but more powerful units.

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Armchair Admiral: someone who posts profusely on the forums with an authoritarian voice of expertise, but who actually has little to now experience in regional or national tournaments.  Typically, they are overly argumentative or defensive of their views, especially in light of contradicting empirical results.

Salt Mines / Salty: when an immature player pouts or gets unpleasant after losing a game, after a bad roll, etc.

"Casual": (pejorative) A term used by overly competitive players to describe and deride a player whom they perceive to have an inexperienced or inaccurate view of the game at the competitive level.

"Tryhard": (pejorative) A term used by the overly casual players to describe and deride a player whom they perceive to be taking the game too seriously and/or especially who focuses on efficiency numbers at the cost of enjoying the gaming experience

Broken: used when (1) an option in the game is costed too efficiently such that it out-competes all other available options when building a list (e.g. "Why would I ever not run the Demolisher?  Is there even a second title for the Gladiator class??"; "You're using squadrons but don't have Rhymer in there? WTF is wrong with you, bro?").  (2) When a game element or a list archetype performs well above what's statistically expected in premiere events (e.g. "Clonisher only made up 9% of the total lists in the tournament, but it was 75% of the Top 4.)  See Also: Demolisher, Rhymer, YT-24000, Riekaan.

Pulling an Admiral Nelson: used when a person overreacts in an extremely hyperbolic and embarrassing way, most especially if they express the over reaction by  in no fewer than 12,000 words of text.

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Janky- casual play term referring to a slight nudge of a model, or wobble of the maneuver tool. Example given: 'things got a little janky but it's still ok' or 'oops I just janked your ship a bit'

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Diablo, I would argue that the connotation and nuance surrounding the phrase "triple tap" is really specific to the Demolisher.  Any other ship that can triple-tap can also quadruple tap, and it's a bit of a different thing entirely, and most likely resulted from your opponent having reallllllly screwed up (by moving his last activation ship in a way that allowed him to be double tapped twice in a row by you), or that he was already being beaten soundly to begin with (ie, he only has 1 or 2 activations left and doesn't have a choice in the matter).


Thus, in general, no one builds their list or bids for a quadruple tap.  It's just a consequence of the game and way too many things have to factor in for it to happen.


I don't think I've ever heard anyone use "triple tap" in any context except reference to Demolisher's threat potential.

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The difference is in your last line there.


The Demolisher double tap is deliberate, and built for in the list itself.


No-one ship or list is really like that.


I'm not sure that I understand you, Dras, as I think this is entirely my point.


-Any ship can (and should) always be on the lookout as to where and how they can double tap.  Circumstances might favor splitting fire of course (to knock out 2 already wounded ships), but in general, learning how to focus fire is a mark of skill in the game.


-Only the Demolisher truly performs a triple tap.


-Any other ship that is in a position to have triple tapped one enemy ship is also in a position to have quadruple tapped it (2 double taps performed back to back over subsequent rounds using the same last/first activation trigger as Demolisher but without the move in between), AND only because your opponent moved his ship in such a way as to allow this to happen.

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