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Vor Trex

Dark Knight: Road to Redemption

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This will be a solo campaign, with me being both Player and Games Master. If it accomplishes nothing else, it'll teach me the rules through practice and give me "boots on the ground" knowledge of different strengths and weaknesses of skills, talents, Force powers and adversaries.


I'm going to start as a Knight-Level Force Sensitive. In his background, he is the apprentice of a former Jedi Knight so his skills would be better than most. Also, I want him to be a knight in the sense of a warrior swordsman who has a code of honour.


Forgetting my previous topic here, now that I'm free of the GM, this is more about how he starts. I'm weighing the options here:

1. He has his fall into darkness written as part of his background. Doing this will start him at 29 morality.

2. The opening adventure in my solo campaign will be "Fall from Grace". Starting at 50 morality, I'd play a three part adventure in which he does "whatever it takes", within reason and not going to far.


This is NOT a Dark Side campaign. My character has gone off the rails, but not so far that he's crashed and burned beyond hope. I've checked the rulebook and found no motivation for it, so I've made up my own:

Motivation: Cause: Redemption

But, and it is a dangerous but, he also has the Ambition: Revenge. With Anger and Recklessness as his weaknesses, it could be that the sight of his target will send him spiraling back into the dark.

My next few posts will give his BACKGROUND, CREATION and an OVERVIEW of his first adventure. Probably add other details as I think of them.

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