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There is no struggle too vast, no odds too overwhelming, for even should we fail — should we fall — we will know that we have lived.


There you go, a sig, a quote by Anomander Rake, lord of Moon's Spawn. A cheerful guy in general.


A description:

Anomander Rake, lord of the black-skinned Tiste Andii, who has looked down on a hundred thousand winters, who has tasted the blood of dragons, who leads the last of his kind, seated in the throne of sorrow and a kingdom tragic and fey— a kingdom with no land to call its own.

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Go with something popular:

-Call out another user in an effort to reduce their credibility;

-List each ship that you own as part of the contest to see who can waste the most money on a collection where most ships will collect dust;

-A quote that shows how unique, interesting, and cultured that you are;


-Links to you suggested X-Wing fix so that the developers can access you wisdom; or (if you are feeling boring)

-A link to useful material for players.

Keep in mind that bonus points are awarded for brightly colored text or images that are included.

Just try to have fun wit it and take up as much space as possible.

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Why have one?  I just find them a distraction.  


Hmm....I can block them?  Thanks Vorpal!

I had no idea either! What's even better is that I just found out you can also change your settings to not see posts from specific people! Best day ever?

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