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Looking to trade

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X-Wing Miniatures

1x Spring Kit 2015 acrylic range ruler

1x Spring Kit 2015 TIE Fighter dice bag

4x Spring Kit 2015 alternate art Push the Limit

1x Store Championships 2015 alternate art Soontir Fel

Star Wars: The Card Game

2x Star Wars: The Card Game core set

2x Edge of Darkness deluxe expansion

1x The Desolation of Hoth force pack

1x The Search for Skywalker force pack

1x A Dark Time force pack

2x Emperor's Royal Guard alternate art card


A lot of figures from the older sets towards the beginning of the game up to the Amazing Spider-Man set from 2013 when I stopped collecting. A couple of the resource figures and a Colossal Galactus from the Galactic Guardians set. 400+ figures in total, willing to trade all or some of them. All come with their cards in a binder as well. Also maps, I have like 6 maps, dice, object tokens, special objects, i think a couple of the team packs from Streets of Gotham. I was really into this game.


X-Wing Miniatures

1x K-Wing

1x TIE Punisher

1x Hound's Tooth

2x Kihraxz

1x Lambda-Class Shuttle

1x Imperial Raider huge ship

1x Tantive IV huge ship

1x Rebel Transport huge ship

Imperial Assault

Imperial Assault core set

Han Solo ally pack

Boba Fett villain pack

Twin Shadows expansion

R2-D2 & C-3PO expansion

All wants in for each game are listed in order of most wanted to least wanted.

I'm in Florida and open to offers. Just send me a message and all that.

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