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POLL - How many LCGs are you following?

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I used to play a few CCG like Magic, Star Wars, Warcraft and L5R (which lastest the longest) but I got burned out by the CCG model (especially in Warcraft)


Then I came across A Game of Thrones which was recently released as a LCG and since I loved the mechanics, story and cardgames it became my main game.

I bought starters of each LCG but the only one that sticked around was A Game Of Thrones. My only misbuy was Lord of The Rings since the cooperative aspect didn't work well with my regular playgroup.


I do play netrunner, Star Wars, Conquest and Doomtown from time to time though.

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I thought about picking up CoC. Isn't that game basically dead? I don't know.


It's a bit on the bit on the ropes. FFG is still making (deluxe only) expnasions, but for how long? Sill It's a great game with tons of expansions and you should give it a try nonetheless.


I believe CoC will be put to rest soon after the final faction pack is released. If not then, then maybe one final farewell big box, similar to what they did with Warhammer Invasion.


We have all 8 faction boxes announced/released at this time, so I expect CoC to be put to rest over the coming year.


It will be laid to rest by 2017 to make room for L5R no doubt about it.

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Going to Follow: Agot 2.0(on preorder x3)

L5R lcg(played during the EE cycle, can't wait till 2017)

Following: Agot 1.0(started playing in 2009, sad it's ending, but 2.0 makes it ok)

LOTR(great group game and when your alone n bored & only game wife will play)

Star Wars(might drop it in 2017 to focus on L5R)

Use to Follow(or tried it at least once):

CoC(x1 core, no players in area)

W Invasion(x1 core, it was on its way out)

W Conquest(thru 1st cycle. No players & Agot2.0 is more important)

Netrunner(thru 1st cycle, dropped for S.W.)

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No longer playing/suported:

40K Conquest (never quite get the lore)
Star wars (dislike the mechanic)
Netrunner (Liked the mechanics, but not much lore behind it)
AGOT 1.0 (Locally not being played. New players got turned off by the super huge set)
Call of Chultu (Starter only. Non existant local player)
Upcoming with some interest:
AGoT 2nd ed (Good restarting point)
L5R LCG (3 years is a long time)
Non-FFG products (Playing): 
DoomTown Reloaded
Weiss Schwarz

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