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I was fiddling around with dice trying to compare Heavy Turbolaaer Turrets to XI7s to see which I liked better. I decided to go ahead and add in H9s and Enhanced Armament as well to get a full comparison.

After just rolling dice and considering results the project escalated to a spreadsheet, which meant I had really taken things way too far. I ended up comparing some common die rolls at various ranges against 2 common defense configurations: brace and 2 redirects or evade, brace, and redirect. Here's what I found:

HTTs - Really good by themselves, but they don't benefit much from rolling accuracy. Best on a ship that hits hard on its own and generally more effective early in the game (or turn) than later on.

XI7s - These are better than HTTs when 2 ships are working together. They combine well with an accuracy result. Better later in the game (or turn).

H9s - Better than either of the above. Even though you give up a hit to gain the accuracy, in most cases your expected damage goes up. More flexible as you can shut down whatever token you need at the time. Generally worth the extra points. The first accuracy is the most valuable, with diminishing returns after that.

EA - More dice are always good, but the expected damage output of gaining a red die, was actually lower than adding the first accuracy from H9s.

So, what this told me was that I had been seriously underestimating H9 Turbolasers. Which led me to really thinking about the Home One title. It costs less than H9s, but has a stronger effect as it works on blank results. The only real cost is not being able to take Defiance.

The temptation with Home One would be thinking you need lots of ships to make it worthwhile. Well, compared to the various turbolaser upgrades it seems like Home One would be effective even if only one ship benefitted from it. Obviously more is better, but the expected damage improvement is high enough that Home One would be worth taking in a 2 ship fleet.

The other nice bit with Home One is it can be stacked with other upgrades.

I can see myself using Hime One as the center of a lot of fleets going forward.

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Yeah its really great - better and cheaper than H9s and leaves the other ships to take their own turbo upgrade if they like. (or not and use the points elsewhere)


As you said, the only cost is the opportunity cost of not taking Defiance

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Good analysis ! :)


I think the main difference between Home One and H9 Turbolasers is that while H9 sacrifice a a hit for accuracy, the Home One works as a buffer and not on the platform it's put on. So, as a buffer, you have to keep the fleet in formation.


H9 on the other hand really work for a "maverick" type ship that flanks and hits weak spots, and that works a bit like an "assassin" type in MMOs. I did try H9 on battle line ships and wasn't super happy about it. But in the rear arc of a Star Destroyer, it becomes really cool. Like you said, while XI7 and HTT work better early game, the higher the chance the opponent has dropped his defense tokens, the more valuable accuracies become. Because once redundant tokens are dropped, it becomes even more lethal.

And a rear flanker Corvette will really love the late game.


So, the Home I think will work well to boost any fleet (and the higher the number of dice they throw, the better) but it's going to gain efficiency as the ships focus fire. (Think Ackbar's line "Concentrate Fire on the Super Star Destroyer") If the whole fleet manages to shoot at the enemy ship early on, it's going to discard defense tokens really early and will make the rest of the accuracies that much more efficient.

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