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Which do you take for 22 pts? Naked Blue or Rookie with Integrated Astro and 1 pt droid.

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3 attack each

3 hull each

1 agility vs 2

Blue has 5 shields, Rookie has 2 shields with the ability to block a situational crit so acts like 3+ shields.


Blue has barrel roll but moves early so not really an arc dodger, X has faster dial and sheds stress better (especially with R2.)


So which list is better?




Would like the forum's input.


I'm a sentimental casual so its X's all the way for me.   :D


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Hows about four rookies -

one with r2-d6 and expert handling, one with b-88, both armed with plasma torpedoes, one with an R3-a2 and an R2 with flechette? Two with barrel roll and alpha strike, two with stress control?

can't put R2D6 on a rookie.

But I love that this is actually a question. And my answer is, "Depends what I'm flying."

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As others have said,  both are good.   I tend to favor the X with the R2, because you are basically immune to Rebel Captive when chasing someone like a Deci, Plus your dial is now almost equal to a interceptor, but no barrel roll.    Also very good a shedding stress and fighting stress causing lists.

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Barrel-Roll is overpowered, but Integrated Astromech basically amounts to a Hull Upgrade that you can discard to throw off a damaging Crit instead.


That's interesting enough to reconsider.


There are 5 Astromechs that cost 1 point, of which a Rookie Pilot can equip 4.

R2 Astromech

R5 Astromech






R2 Astromech offers you a very green dial, which is great if you consistently are stressed.

  • Internally, this means you're using it if you have many Koiograns in your battle-plan.
  • This is also useful as a counterbuild to stressor-fleets.


R5 Astromech offers a passive buff for survivability, but a severely minor one.

  • Your damage mitigation is not a key aspect of your ship, due to only having 2 agility, so countering Hits before Crits isn't likely to result in a large damage difference from the normal distribution (3:1 hit-to-crit ratio if they didn't use a Focus Token on the attack, 5:1 if they did)
  • Of the suffered critical damage, only 21/33 of the damage deck is effected by the card (Some of the Ship cards flip themselves automatically). Moreover, if you do manage to flip over a Direct Hit!, you'll have fulfilled the act of discarding your droid for it anyway (assuming you figure that the X-Wing in question has 6 HP through this card, rather than 5 and a damage-dodge).
  • This is useful as a counterbuild to Crit-fleets only, and even then B-Wings may be better due to their shielding.


R4-D6 is great when facing high-damage expectation lists, many of which are popular now. 

  • It stacks particularly well with Integrated Astro on Biggs Darklighter, incidentally.


R5-X3 is intending to be discarded anyway, for a more situational albiet more powerful ability

  • R5-X3 is very likely to be used, so there isn't much reason to use Integrated Astro on the same ship, save that it's free.



Moreover, its the difference between 6 HP and 2 agility, vs 8 HP with 1 agility and Barrel-Roll.

IF the Bonus Die, Astromech Ability, and Dial differences win you more than a 2 health increase over what the Barrel-Roll would have, then the X-Wing is superior.

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Action Differences:

Focus is superior on an X-Wing than on a B-Wing, as it offers an expected defensive buff of 1/2 damage, rather than the 1/4 damage on a B

X-Wing lacks the Barrel-Roll, which is super-powerful.


Dial Differences:

X-Wing's dial was at one point the mode of the game: the most common numbers of maneuvers, in their most common speeds, in their most common coloration.




X has 2 speeds of turn (2-3); both in White (unless R2 Astromech).

B has 2 speeds of turn (1-2); the 1 in Red

X-Wing is better at turning swiftly and is better at turning multiple rounds in a row.

B-Wing has a tighter turning radius in the single round.


X has 3 speeds of Bank; 1 in green, rest in White (unless R2 Astromech)

B has 3 speeds of Bank; in all three colors.

X is better at Banking


X has 4 speeds of Forward; 1-2 in Green, rest in White

B has 4 speeds of Forward; 1-2 in Green, 4 in Red.

X is better at Forwarding


X has 1 speed of Koiogran; a 4

B has 1 speed of Koiogran; a 2

B's K is more relevant, but is more easily blocked, and harder to set up due to the increased Red on the dial.


Verdict: Without factoring in upgrades or actions, X has a free-er dial, while B has two notable close-range tricks.

Factoring in the actions, B-Wing is more mobile, but sacrifices actions to do it.

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Funny in another thread asking what to take for 24 points I prefered a Dagger Squadron Pilot over the Blue Squadron Pilot with FCS, and some varieties of X-wings, Y-wings, and A-wings. Reason is I am not a great user of FCS and prefer the higher PS.

But now I get two low PS choices. I am fan of both type of ships. But at PS 2 level I prefer the X-wing, as I do the B-wing at PS 4 level. :)

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B-wing every time, the extra green die will hardly make a difference I'd rather take the extra three shields.

Extra two shields. Probably closer to extra one-and-a-half shields. You're not taking chucking-your-Astromech-into-the-enemy's-line-of-fire into account. Given that, plus the extra value of the X's defensive Focus that DraconPyrothayan noted, I'd expect their survivability to be pretty equivalent. So it largely comes down to whether you prefer the more rounded dial and easier K-Turn, or the slow knife-fighter dial with Barrel Roll.

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