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A Mundane Query

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(Pun intended ;))


Ok so I'm relatively new to Wiz-War (played probably about 10 games) and now feel pretty happy with how the cards interact (at least in the base game + Malefic, only just got the Bestial Forces expansion).  However there is one topic I still find problematic - the Mudane Trait.


In the rulebook on page 11 in the Card Traits section you will find the following:


Mundane: A non-magical action.  Mundane actions cannot be countered.


Between this and the FAQ, the ruling on Mundane would appear to be very explicit and clear - cards like Heave-Ho and Pick Lock are not spells and you cannot play counter spells in response to them e.g. no Full Shield vs Heave-Ho and no Negate Neutral vs Pick Lock.  However in practice the "cannot be countered" clause has some very odd implications that need straightened out:


1)  Is it just the playing (note not casting) of a mundane card that cannot be countered (as per the examples above) or are the effects of the card also non-counterable?  A good example of this is the damage from Heave-Ho.  Cards such as Delay Death, Shield and Flux Shield trigger on damage - which includes damage from any source be it a fireball attack spell, a non-magical punch or walking through a Wall of Fire.  There would therefore seem to be no reason not to be permitted to use these spells versus Heave-Ho, despite this clearly countering one of the main functions of the card.  Basically it makes sense that this is ok but it seems to not be in the spirit of "cannot be countered".


2)  Similarly to the above, can you play spells that trigger on an attack rather than on an attack spell (e.g. Featherweight, Gnome Form, Wall of Earth) versus Heave-HoThese cards essentially still allow the card/punch/etc to occur, but in various ways mitigate the effects by evading, converting damage to movement or blocking line of sight to the target sqare.  Importantly, these differ to the cards discussed in point 1 in that they are definitely cast as repsonses to the playing of Heave-Ho, the wording of Gnome Form goes as far as to state "When you are attacked you may play this spell as a counter" (emphasis added) which would definitely be disallowed by the straight reading of "cannot be countered".


3)  We know all mundane actions are non-magical, but are all non-magical actions mundane?  By this I mean any action that doesn't require the casting of a spell e.g. punching or stabbing, picking up an item/treasure, moving, throwing an object or even playing an item (requires a card but is not a spell).  I ask this question because it is not specifically stated anywhere, and mundane is specified in the Card Traits section, which implies only cards can have these traits.  If all non-magical actions are mundane then all non-magical actions "cannot be countered" and therefore cards like Ward or Fool's Gold would not be able to trigger when a wizard picks up a treasure (and therefore not work) and punches would not be counterable with any of the spells discussed in point 2.  Given that these two results are definitely not what the designers were intending, in order to obey the "cannot be countered" clause we technically have to have two classes of non-magical actions; "non-magical non-card actions" and "non-magical mundane actions", which also seems very counter intuitive and not as intended.


Its clear to me that the problem in all the above cases is the "cannot be countered" clause which is a bit too vague and open ended.  I know some players in the BGG forums have said they think it should instead be "cannot be cancelled"  but I even wonder if this is needed, since all the cards that explicitly cancel a card require that card to be a spell and therefore already cannot effect mundane cards by definition (unless I've missed one that can).  Perhaps all it should read is "Mundane cards are not classed as spells."


Regardless, an official ruling (and perhaps a reprinting of these cards in a future expansion) would be really helpful to avoid halting of play or debates/arguments at the table.

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