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I recently had fun trying out this list with a friend:


Poe Dameron (31)

 - R5-P9 (3)


Wedge Antilles (29)

 - Predator (3)

 - BB-8 (2)


Luke SkyWalker (28)

 - R2-D2 (4)



=100 pts



My friend fielded a mixed TIE force.  BB-8 came in handy a few times helping Wedge to line up his shots.  Poe is absolutely all around awesomeness with R5-P9.  And Luke was the same old hard to kill Luke.  It was nice having two ships regenerating shields during the game.


Incidentally, the last time I tried an all X-Wing list, it was four Rookie Pilots each armed with Proton Torpedoes.  I lost that match horribly.  

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