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Meet the Party: how not to create a character

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Then why are you being so critical of some pre-gens some random guy on the internet made?


The article was made in a public forum, so it gets public critique.  It's not a difficult concept.  That site contains a lot of articles geared towards helping people play their games.  I just didn't think their advice was all that sound, in general.


But as people have argued already in this thread, there are plenty of reasons to do it differently.  I agree with this, there are lots of valid reasons to do so, especially for people who already know what they're doing.  I think people are painting a far more extremist view of my position than the one I actually have.


And before you mention me being rude, let's all acknowledge that you specifically changed the title of your thread to be provocative and condescending.



I did not "change" the title, it's how it always was.  Suggesting I changed it is disingenuous.  It was provocative, certainly, I'm not sure what the crime is there...

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