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New Rebel Build i'm gonna try - 400 points

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Hey everyone,


I'm not playing Rebels that often but evidently playing against them a lot...


So in a couple of days my primary Armada partner have decided to try and switch roles which would change the pace of things a bit.  I'm used to big slow ships that hurt a lot...and now I need to play a fast fleet that hit a bit less harder but that have cool squadrons to counter that.


So here's a quick list I thought of an hour ago, please help me make it better if it,s not already awesome :P





Assault Frigate Mark II B

- Garm Bel Iblis

- Gallant Haven

- Intel Officer

- Gunnery Team

- Advanced Projectors

CR90 Corvette B

CR90 Corvette B

CR90 Corvette B

Nebulon-B Escort Frigate

- Yavaris
- XX-9 Turbolasers



Wedge Antilles
- X-Wing Squadron
- X-Wing Squadron
Dutch Vander
- Y-Wing Squadron
- Y-Wing Squadron
- Y-Wing Squadron
I really like the Y-Wings but for now I only have 4 of each (2x Rebel Fighters pack) so I can only field 4 squadrons of those.  I opted for Wedge & Dutch for their synergies.  At first I thought I could include 4 Corvettes, 1 Nebulon and 1 Whale but I had to cut the Nebulon off to include more squadron support.
What do you guys think of this setup?
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