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Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

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"Yes, I understand that there is no selling for cash, sorry to confuse you"


all is cool then :)


AA han solo from the nationals is quite a rare card in the UK ,and has been traded for even the IA worlds darth vader 2015 promo. i'm not sure what the trade value is around the rest of the world.or for x-wing stuff.

I would suggest putting up a list of what you are after and what you have to trade on both the IA and x-wing trade threads and see whats offered.

Will do, thanks for the info!

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Imperial Assault core set

Kayn Somos expansion

Rebel Troopers expansion


X-Wing ships, alt art, or acrylics

Just don't have time for both games and my first love is X-Wing. PM with any questions or offers.

Edit: I am a trusted trader on the X-Wing message boards.

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Updating my lists

Have to trade alt art cards


Elite Stormtrooper


Rebel Trooper (a ton of these)

Royal Guard (a few of these)

2 sets of Stun tokens (5 in each set) these are official FFG acrylics (1 gone trade pending)

1 Boba Fett Dice bag

1 Stormtrooper Dice bag

1 challenge coin from spring kit 2016

Looking For

AT-ST alt art (recieving 1 pending trade)

Vader AlT art

Luke Alt art

C3-PO alt art

Any acrylic tokens

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Updating list and adding in my X-wing extras as well.

Imperial Assault
AA Dengar
AA elite Trandoshan Hunter (summer 15)
AA Royal Guards
FFG Acrylic Focus tokens (two sets of 5)
AA Luke Skywalker

AA Ten Nunb
AA Han Solo
AA Push The Limit x6
AA Gold Squadron
Spring 2015 Range Ruler
Unique TIE pilot cards & base chits from Imperial Assault Carrier (no models)

Looking for:
Imperial Assault
FFG Acrylic Terminal Tokens
AA Han Solo

2016 Regional dice (green/white)

Fenn and Gideon figures (no cardboard needed, just the minis)
Han Solo Ally pack

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Have a pretty much complete collection of IA promo cards for trade (only missing regionals c3po and the rare trandoshans from adepticon). List below. Cant even remember where all of those come from, only for the rare ones. WIlling to give away whole collection for a serious offer
Darth Vader (worlds 2015)
AT-ST (regionals 2015)
Han Solo (nationals 2015)
Royal Guard (double sided regular/elite)
Luke Skywalker
Trandoshan Hunter (elite) (common one)
Stormtrooper (elite)
Bantha Rider
Rebel Trooper (elite)
Looking for:

2 sets of damage tokens
activation tokens
initiative token
promo dice 

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Have some X-Wing and IA stuff to trade.





AA Gunner x4

AA VI x4

AA Recon Spec x2

Light Frost Evade Tokens x5

Spring Kit Ion tokens x3



AA eRebel Troopers x6

AA Royal Guard x3

AA Bantha x3

AA C-3PO x2

Acrylic Stun Tokens x5

Acrylic Damage Tokens (8x 1dmg, 2x 5dmg)





5x Acrylic Focus Tokens

3x rTrando deployment cards and 2 sets of Trandoshan figures

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My updated list


FFG's Acrylic Red and blue acrylic Target Locks 6-10(Nationals 2014)

FFG's Acrylic Crit tokens (Nationals 2015)

FFG's acrylic cluster bomb tokens (regional 2016)

FFG's dice set (regionals 2016)White

FFG's System Open Series 2016 Alternate art double sided T-70/Tie FO

FFG's System Open Series 2016 Alternate art Plastic card double sided T-70/Tie FO

Imperial Assault

FFG's Acrylic activation tokens (nationals 2015)

FFG Adepticon Trandoshan Hunter card


Have for trade:


FFG's Acrylic Cloak tokens x4

FFG's Acrylic Ion tokens x2

FFG's Acrylic Seismic Chargex2

FFG's Acrylic Evade tokens x 5

FFG's Acrylic Focus tokens (Store Championship 2015) x 29

FFG's acrylic munitions tokens x5

FFG's Ion tokens (spring 2016 kit) x6

FFG's X-wing bag. X-wing on the front (Store Championship 2015) x2

Alternate art Luke Skywalker pilot card x1

Alternate art han solo x1 kit promo

Alternate art Ten Numb pilot card x1

Alternate art Soontir Fel pilot card x3

Alternate art Biggs Darklighter pilot card x1

Alternate art Bandit Squadron Pilots pilot card x1

Alternate art Dagger Squadron Pilots pilot card x3

Alternate art Black Squadron Pilots pilot card x1

Alternate art Gold Squadron Pilots pilot card x5

Alternate art Academy Pilots pilot card x5

Alternate art C3PO x1

Alternate art veteran instincts x3

Alternate art gunner x4

Alternate art recon specialist x4 (trade pending one of these)

Alternate art dash rendar x1

Alternate art poe dameron x1

Summer 2014 winners medal

i also have more of some acrylic tokens and Alternate art cards i would swap for hard to get stuff(no target locks or 2013 focus tokens,no Alternate art lando or boba fett (imperial)).

Imperial assault trades

FFG's acrylic consoles x2

FFG's acrylic objective tokens x10

FFG's acrylic focus tokens x8

FFG's acrylic stun tokens x10

FFG's championship coin x1

FFG's dice bags various x1-2

Alternate art Dengar x1

Alternate art IG-88 x1

Alternate art Luke Skywalker x1

Alternate art Chewbacca x1

Alternate art At-ST x1

Alternate art Bantha rider x10

Alternate art stormtrooper x2

Alternate art Trandoshan hunter (summer kit 2015) x 5

Alternate art rebel trooper x5

Alternate art Royal Guard x4

Imperial assault Rebel damge tracker x3

armada trades

FFG's Acrylic navigation tokens x5

FFG'S Acrylic concentrated fire tokens x15

FFG'S Acrylic squadron tokens x15

Alternate art x-wing x6

Alternate art Tie fighter x5

Alternate art imperial II-class star destroyer x5

Alternate art victory II-class star destroyer x1

Alternate art raider I-class corvette x6

Alternate art nebulon-b escort frigate x6

Alternate art mc80 assault cruiser x2

Alternate art han solo x2

Alternate art leading shots x6

FFG's dice bags all pictures x1-2

FFG's medal winter 2015 x3

i'm in the UK and will trade to most of the world

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Hey Masterchiefspiff, planning on trading dice with you. Did you send them in just a normal envelope?

I'm going to just send them in a padded envelope to be sure. Like $2 shipping. And thanks :)



Yeah don't send them in a regular envelope: those go though a machine sorter which will tear things up because the dice are too thick.  Lost some dice I sent to a friend that way.  Use a padded envelope.


Also: here's an easy way to buy shipping labels online: 


eBay/PayPal UPS/USPS Shipping

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Hi guys just spotted this thread and great idea.

I'm looking for:

Regular trandoshan hunter card

I have:

Promo royal guard

Promo elite stormtrooper

Promo elite trandoshan

Plus most other regular and Elite cards, anyone willing to trade?



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Reporting a great trade with gamenightdave!

Still looking to trade one green and one white dice from 2016 Imperial Assault regionals for one black and one blue dice from 2015 regionals. Or if there's something else you're interested in maybe we can come up with something.

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